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Hello, I am the webmaster of I was the first one to join gfxnews and I am very happy about it. The GFXnews keep my visitors busy when I do not have time to update, and they keep me busy when I come to my site to check if it is up or not:)

oh this is a cool idea :D is it still online?

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aw, that ain't cool

i know what the problem is, i just didnt have time to fix it. Its all to do with the encoding special characters such as copyright symbols, TM marks etc.

The system is still online and it works, you can find it at:

p.s. i suggest you wait a while till i fix the script and make it error free ;)

oh i encoded it in unicode, and it gets all weird cuz of that? I thought there was a way to use those symbols while still having it encoded as ANSI. Thanks for fixing it, though, bio :D

im fixing it right now ...
Friday, gfxdiary scripting day :P

lol, yay. I'm definitely putting this on my new layout...this is so cool lol

if you want to you can also add yourself to the news-team so you can post news to 8)

that'd be cool...but I don't have to post something new every day, do I? Or just when something happens

not everyday nowadays :(, but that'll come.

lmao, is there anyone else who does it 'sides bioalien?

btw, sure i'll sign up for the news team

yeah noxcel too, but i cant see the thing on his site... he's proberly just posting for gfxdiary....

oh i see. thanks for the info :)

some errors @ the xml, trying to fix it, but first things come first like gfxring ;)

Thomas, leave it i got it handled, i know exaclty what it is. I've already fixed it on my pc, just need to sort out the backend. You just concentrate on GfxRing :P

rodger that bio, affirmative, for queen and country :P
(i hope you remember command and conquer)

^^^ o.O

Does the php one work fine still?