Wanna battle me?

I really have no idea on the rules, so u can tell me. I am like a complete newbee when it comes to battles.
All I know is that there must be something from the previous image. :oops:
So, anyone? :)

There are no known rules on GfxBattles, u set the rules with whoever accepts your challenge to a battle. Usually these are about:
- Style of battle
- Theme
- Number of Rounds
- Size of the images
- Other rules...

Some continue from the former round, some just follows the same theme. Its a pretty open window ;)

Alright, sumopiggy, i'll battle you.
-Photoshop for desiging only (stock photo is allowed)
-.psd must be uploaded to a server for opponents downloading
-volley must include 1 piece from previous post and must follow the same theme
-theme is up to whoever starts the battle
-no nudity, racial slurs or coarse language
-maximum of 48 hours for posting

We'll need some judges, sign up by posting below.

Battle will consist of 2 rounds, each round containing 2 volleys

Just tell me when ur ready to start and we'll decide who starts.

well, volley when ur ready :)