G-unit hosting

:? that is so unprofessional. Most probably it'll make people laugh at them but wont get them any clients. Just look at the woman in the pic, if that is a woman. Clearly those guys are nothing but a joke. Whoever signs up with them is a fool!

but still, this host is telling you the truth, who cares if it has a 'funny' name. I think this host is batter than the hosts that suspend their customers websites for no reason:)

That is very true, good point. But then again, if u send them an email where u want to complain about something you will get shut down on the spot too.

The weird thing is that this host is real. Real SSL certificate and everything :?

One of my friends used to use them as his host. He told me that they are a really good host. The only real problem I see is their name and their layout. They will turn a lot of potential customers away. Also, having a list of "Idiots" isn't a very professional thing either.

First impressions make a big difference... don't need to say much more.