This was the old host that powered
Our experience with them has been VERY negative. When we started it was all fun and games everything was smooth but their level of service is bad if not worse. As begain to grow and advance, we woke up one day to find the site suspended and shut down. After contacting them we were notified that our site was "using too much resources" although it was perfectly within the webspace and bandwidth limit.

We were furious as first of all, we were never notified of anything that even hinted we were using too much system resources. Simply shutting us down without proof or even prior warnings calls for great speculation on our behalf. After serious talks with them to try and get us back online and trying to explain the fact that they misabused their power by shutting us down without notice only made the matter even worse.

Their initial word was that GfxDiary was shut down until they find out what was using so much "system resources". But they admitted they had no idea what was causing it in the first place. Would it have been wise to contact the owners (us) in that case since we have more understanding of whats going on. After all, its our site, we built it!

Unfortunatly their only comeback to all this was a pitiful "GfxDiary was threatning us" so they decided to terminate our account. But hold on, did i miss something? I just said that we woke up one day and the site was suspended. That was even before ANY talk between us started :roll:

Somethings just cant be explained i guess :shock:

My advice is to steer well clear of those who treat its customers like trash. Like they dont exist at all. As well as abuse their power as a host. There are many great hosts out there, make sure you pick the right one :arrow: