[TUT] User Defined StyleSheets

Category: [5] PHP
Type: Tutorial

Article Name: User Defined StyleSheets
Description: Allow your visitors to customise your site through StyleSheets and provide them with different skins.
Author: BioALIEN

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in addition to this you can add a cookie wich remembers the style for each page.



What would you apply that to?

There's a similar article over at Alistapart showing how you can use multiple style sheets with a little javascript.

The idea is that you can create a layout using the 'default' style sheet, and then have multiple following style sheets that customize the colour scheme, typefaces and the general overall feel of the site. etc.

Spoono used this idea in their last revamp.

Zen Garden is probably the greatest inspiration when it comes to working with css. The entire project uses the same html but just different styles to create a totaly different site.