Comments: The design is a total unchanged site design rip of our good friend from! Also the "noxwell" name is an inspired rip from "noxcel"!

You decide for yourself :arrow:

Wow, that was quick... its down already :o

rip, rip, rip

ahaha, here are the comments from the dude:

"About Noxcel = Noxwell
that really crazy .. i use my nickname since February 03 .. i knew noxcel since 1 month.. it's also can't be "ripped" or "inspired" ... it's only a coincidence, all over the world there are so many nicks .. which is really unique?"

"Noxwell" could be close to "Maxwell" which is a very famous name actually. Eitherway, its too close to call but the design that was a direct ArtDJ rip!