GFXDiary Downtime

As with all websites on the Internet, cam suffer downtime due to various factors. Here we will list all the downtime we have so that you can be aware and informed:

Date: 10 September 2003
Duration: 2 Days
Reason: Read below!

Dear visitor,

Bad news:
We are terribly sorry for the sudden downtime. It was completely out of our hands. If you were frustrated then imagine what was happening to us during all this. It's like coming back from work and realising your whole house is gone! That's the closest way to describing our emotions.
Apparently, was using too much system resources and our hosting suppliers just decided to SHUT US DOWN! Completely. Without ANY prior warnings, or even informing us about the situation so that we may take necessary steps to fix the problem or migrate / upgrade our hosting package.

We realise now that we are dealing with a highly UNPROFESSIONAL bunch of people! And as always, we expose those trying to scam its good customers. So here they are: - stay far away from them if you want a professional reliable service!

Well, here is the good news:
GFXDiary has moved to a brand new host. Please give us some time to get everything in working order. Most backend files should be functional, we have not lost anything. Thanks to for powering GfxDiary into the future. We urge everyone to check out their hosting offers. The new package is more technical, gives us full power - more than we could ask for in fact! These new features will no doubt be passed down to you. So expect more from GFXDiary, we have a bright future ahead...

Thank you,

GFXDiary Team

You may express your anger or pain for the downtimes at the Site FeedBack forum.

29 January 2004
There was a small downtime today for about an hour. The reason was simple, a server crash. Nothing is missing or damaged, everything is up and running. All systems are GO :arrow:

05 February 2004:
Slight downtime today, after confirming with the host it appears there was a small PayPal related fraud going on with one of their servers. Everything is sorted out now and their servers are back online!

22 February 2004:
GfxDiary and all sister sites have been down today for a few hours. And to be honest, its been down a few times more this past week. Heres what our engineers had to say.


Ok guys this week has been really bad. I apologize ot everyone.. Here is where we are at right now.

There seems to be some kind of exploit for the apc products we run.. We are trying to verify this with

Somehow someone is turning all power ports off on the apc products. We have turned the apc's off so that they do not have network access any longer. All machines are back online as well now.

What we are doing to correct this.

We are moving and the forum to an off network server.
This will allow you to remain in contact with us even in the event of a network outage.

We are working with apc to find what the person was doing...

We have recorded the ip and logs of what the person did and are reporting them to their upstream and also the FBI and the FCC.

9 May 2004:
GfxDiary was down for a few hours due to hosting maintenance and database changes and system upgrades. It was very unprecedented, but everything is back up and running smoothly now.

17 November 2004:


We apologize for the unavailability of your service. The cause of this issue was a "Distributed Denial Of Service" or DDOS. This means that several "Zombie" or hacked machines pointed all the power into sending massive amounts of garbage traffic at one of our Ips. The attack was so large that it caused our upstream Atlantic.Net to themselves suffer a network wide outage. They made the decision to turn of all our connectivity while they fought an analyzed this attack. At approximately 6:30 PM EST service and connectivity were restored. We know that outages are frustrating.

Major DDOS attacks going on recently both at our host, and the datacenter. Totally out of our hands guys, the entire Atlantic Datacenter was shut down. Thousands of sites were forced to offline, ours included. Its labled the biggest attack Atlantic.Net datacenter received in 10 years of its history :o

Once again, we appologise for any inconvenience caused.

GfxDiary Team

3 February 2005:

Very small downtime today as we upgrade the MySQL system on our server. During this time you may have experienced error messages here and there.

Total downtime was well under 30mins.

5 February 2005:

Downtime experienced today as we tweaked a few issues with the MySQL server due to the upgrades we made 2 days ago. This resulted in just over an hour of problems on the site but now everything should be up and running in perfect order.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

26 February 2006:

Wow its been over a year since our last downtime. I would like to pay my respects to the great staff over at Kualo:

Last night I was carrying out some maintenance on GfxDiary's database, as we've been hit with a rather large spree of search engine hits lately. One of the changes I carried out led to GfxDiary throwing a DB error this morning. This issue has now been resolved and all services have been resumed.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.