Hacking Attempts!

Hello all,

We have worked very hard to bring you what you see today on www.GfxDiary.com - many hours of work, sleepless nights of coding, debugging, installing and fixing just to bring you a flawless experience and a place to add to your daily surfing routines.

However, as always there are dishonest people out there that mean harm. For what reason or motive is beyond us, but it seems common with community sites nowadays. Could it be for bragging rights? Or possibly to add to their C.V.? :roll:

Either way, we will give them the "exposure" they deserve since they're so keen on getting it. We have set up this thread to expose the hacking attempts committed against GfxDiary.com be it successful attempts or just lame way off attempts:

01 Sep 2003 - 15:47
Pages: 19872
Hits: 19873
Bandwidth: 277.64 MB
IP address:
Host name: adsl-64-123-206-205.dsl.hstntx.swbell.net
Description: A failed attempt at sucking our bandwidth and crashing GfxForum - too bad we have fixed the session problem now!

Thank you,

Note: Our members have a right to protect us if they wish to do so. You have our permission to take any form of action against the violations above. Be it contacting their host, sending them hate mail etc.