DopeWars Online

i dunno i found this game, just posting it if any of u want to play we can start a cartel

[url] [/url]

I think im player #282


ARGH, i hate those kinda games. My mates play them 24/7 they take it soo seriously too. Talk about it soo much, i just dont see the point of it all. Its like one of those fantasy games like Football/F1!

Btw, how many hoes, money and drugs u got? :lol:

u start off with like 1,000,000 so then im like what the hell and i recruited like 15 junkies and then i trained them and then i made my drug lab bigger so i had like only 500,000. and then i made all my money back by trafficking drugs and now im gonna have more today cause i needed tokens and ever 25 mins u get 2 :P

sounds dangerous, be careful before i call the po-lice on ur house. betta hide dat w33d or im tellin ur parents :lol:

u betta not !

shit since ive not been able to talk to my friends with no msn or aim ive been trying to freakin find a javascript commenting system for my site. 1 of many ideas i have for it...and i cant find any :'(

cos maybe commenting systems dont use javascript? duuh, use a php or an asp. or use this n00b proof commenting service provider:

well how should i know :P

K well maybe i dunno if my host provides PHP :S

there are some free hosts that provide PHP/MySQL support. I'll try and compile a list of them for you - cos the Resource list on Biomutation is getting kinda old. Did you check that link i gave you for the comments? Its a great site, and specialise in giving people comments space for their news. ;)

nah i didnt check it cause i was working on fixing the network with my cousin. So we fixed everything.....EXCEPT my freaking MSN i think ill have to reinstall it

Damn, now ur living life in my shoes - i cant get MSN to work on my network more than 30seconds.

I think MSN is getting rubbish. Btw, how annoying is this new IM that is being sent to you everytime u login. "Please upgrade ur MSN blah blah. ARGH! I cant even block it. Im using Trillian, so hell no, i aint upgrading to no rubbish MSN!

ya i know im starting to fucking hate this stupid msn :evil: but what to do cause i have allllllll my close friends and other friends on it!!!!

I wish msn would copy AIM so it would work on my computer god damn it.

It needs the Https option instead of just http proxy 4 n 5

Really? Hey, i'll try that on my PC - maybe that'll fix my problem too. I've been trying normal http proxy 4 & 5! Btw, this convo has nothing to do with Games Discussions so maybe we should end it here :lol:
(although technically u can play MSN word games like ... guess the phrase or something!)

That game roxorz joor boxors

Rancid before you continue with those choices of words, i suggest you read the Rules & Regulations clearly. The link can be found on my sig :idea:

This is NOT your average n00b forum! :!:

whahhahaha,nice ending touch Bio