Music - the key to life!

Damn, i dont know what to do without music. I defiantly know without music i wouldnt have been interested in computers, graphics and other things. I simply cant sit in front of a computer or stay in one place for a long time without there being some music playing. This includes graphics design. If theres no music playing, i simply cant design - let alone be creative :roll:

Just imagine - take away music from our world and it will be meaningless. Music control our emotions, our soul, our thoughts and so much more...

OMFG ! :)

Bio stop phylosophy shit man.

Everybody cant live without music. I listen to it when playing basketball with my homeboyz. I listen to it when i take a breakefast, when i work on PC.
We listen to it with our crew anytime we meet.

Keep it real b.

Hehehe, well i love music soo much i just had to write about it. Btw, Red me and noxcel have been talking about an idea. Maybe you can jump in too - we're gonna have a freestyle battle here.

We have no idea how its gonna be done, whether we're gonna take turns or what. But yeah, i wanna test my freestyle skills 8)

Well why not, but Freestyle associates with mc fresstyling :)

So the way i will be close to is Gang and Nigga Shit :)

That dont bother me, time to exercise my ghetto skills :)
Obviosly freestyling is all about the Rap/Hip Hop scene so its all good. Noxcel, you gonna take part in this? I dont know how to start this whether we go in terms or what. And whether we can get outside help or not.

Btw, you guys heared of Rahzel? That guy is da bomb, a walking talking beat box. Download some of his shit niggas, he da bomb!

here is a new thing for you, money is the key to life! Also, food is the key to life!

He is a looser, Wu-Tangs rulling the world!

Lol BIo ya ghetto skills?! You live in England !