What is everyone's thoughts on MMORPGs? Im currently working on one and one of my goals is to try and fix what every other MMO has left out (tough yet worth it).

Id like a little feedback just to see what others have to say about them.

What are MMORPG?

MMORPG = Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

A place where many people can play a community game - not the usualy FPS (Hence RPG) :P

well, neocritter, you have not told us what is wrong with the current trend of MMORPG's - care to explain further? :roll:

NeoCritter if u needa tester i can help, cause it's my best online gaming genre. Keep in touch :)

But dont thinki will leave a BioMutation project ever:)

:lol: nice to know i have dedicated enthusiastic people on my team. Thanx guys.

Also, i would like to announce that my exams are finally over so i have already began on polishing the script. Expect a huge update soon - with character concepts, detailed description of each character (right down to the hair colour, eyes, figure, and characteristics).

I plan to continue the flow and release a few more mission, and hopefully i'll do a timeline so everyone (maybe members only) will know exactely what happens in the end and see all the different game endings...

I have a few sketches that i need to scan when i go back home... i've got a lot of work publish :wink:

Right now we (with dragon) have exams but l am always ready to work. BioMUTATION 4ever!!! :D Don't even hope that l'll leave you!! LOL :lol: