Register_Globals=OFF Fix

Many PHP driven scripts nowadays are built with a respect to Register Globals being OFF! Usually its ON, but for security purposes people set it to OFF.
Either way, heres a small fix i came up with using the EXTRACT function in PHP:

// Register Globals Fix

If you have other work arounds for this post them here! Also if you can explain the whole concept of register globals and why its off and so on please exlain it here too cos i couldnt coe up with a good definition hehehe..

This function is allmost on all servers modified so it's ON. The real problem comes forward when you try to set up your own server. You can modify this line in PHP.ini in your windows directory to set it on:

register_globals = Off
edit to:
register_globals = On

You should not forget, that all $HTTP vars are already global... same goes for the new and improved $_POST / $_GET / $_REQUEST etc..

so you don't have to use 'global' on them... and second of all, don't ever use global! But use $GLOBALS['VarName']

so if you have:
$foo = 'bar';
to globalise $foo use:

hehe yeah, i'd use supervars too now :)