Hey Europe and etc.

Me and Deniss decided to offer u a battle !

I and Deniss vs [Name} try to beat russians!

U will never do 8)

me and bio can take you both, but not now...


hehe it could be the post of two letter :wink:

let's fighttttttt :)

BioALIEN runs away in fear... NOOOOOOO

LOL not really, i'm up for a fight! heres the deal:
RedDragon + Deniss make ONE pic
| . . 1. | . 2. . |
| . . . . | . . . . |
+- ----+------+

the image MUST fit together, both must FLOW together and not just put two different images in one.

Then me and nox will do the same and reply to your image :wink:

p.s. its up to you whether you want to swap PSD file with your team mate or just JPEG or nothing at all...


Techno Art and Simple Vision will work together to kick ass European designers*.

Get ready!

BioALIEN wrote:

BioALIEN runs away in fear... NOOOOOOO

| . . 1. | . 2. . |
| . . . . | . . . . |
+- ----+------+


I like the idea. I AM READY!!!
Bio, nice drawing of the diagram :wink:

ok.. i do what i can :)

LOL noxcel you are russian too so russian beating russian will be no good.

Are you people scared or just do not have any free time???

I don't have that much time :(

I really buzy very buzy. All the time. Dont think i am scared or Deniss. We will beat your asses later:)

hahaha this fight is really funny, its just talk but no action. it reminds me of the people i used to beat up in school. they talk like they can fight then.............................nothing. :P

well, when u ready lets get started. my summer exams are coming up and i wanna concentrate on that while kickin ur asses so i can enjoy my holidays afterwards. hehe

Like an ancient Japanese captain said
"Never overrate your and your enemy's skills"

If u want to beat me i will come to Spain this summer and will be able to kick your ass!

hehehe, i dont live in spain :idea: in fact i dont even live on this planet :twisted:

Well meet u on Alfa Centaurus next week :lol: