GfxForum Official Skin

Dear Visitors,

We are pleased to inform you that we have started developement to create the official skin for GfxForum. Finally we have had enough of this temporary grey skin (by aallix heavily modified by us) and i think you agree too :wink:

The new GfxForum skin will have the following:
- Common GfxDiary standard theme
- Simple, clean, easy to read, browse and navigate
- New custom Emoticons

And much more...

EDIT: The development has been put on FULL hold as it has been brought to our attention that phpBB (the forum creators) are almost finishing their work on the next major release phpBB2.2! After close investigation we have learnt that the template system for the new version is changing dramatically therefore, it is possible that the new template we are building for GfxForum may not work on the new phpBB!

Therefore, we will wait until the official release of phpBB2.2 and test drive the template system ourselves. Then and only then will the offical GfxForum skin design will be continued.

For more information on the new features and MASSIVE changes that are coming your way from this forum you can read the phpbb devlog at:

Thank you all, and please be patient till we get everything done smoothly 8)

Ok, I couldnt resist my overwhelming ego to make the official skin. The new instalment of phpbb2.2 is planned for release end of 2003 and this simply wasnt quick enough. So i went ahead and released the new skin. Now the GfxDiary theme is continued throughout the entire site so you have no complaints. This new theme bring the following features:
- ability to select your country flag (in your profile)
- quick post options, rather than having to visit the posting page
- tells you whether users are online/offline in view posts
- tells you number of new posts submitted since your last visit
- simple, clean and very fast loading times

Development on this skin is by no means finished so expect more features and enhancements coming your way soon...

Ok, the response we've had so far regarding the subSilver theme is not pretty. There seem to be some hardcore fans of our old skin "gfxGrey". Since this is the official GfxDiary skin, im afraid it'll have to stay the default skin. If you cant live without the old skin, then we suggest you keep using the old skin. Go to your profile and set the default skin to "gfxGrey". If you want to keep using the official GfxForum skin then your default skin should be set to "gfxSilver".

Each skin has its advantages and disadvantages. We encourage you to check both and decide for yourself.
- gfxGrey: The old GfxForum skin! Pretty old and lacks new features!
- subSilver: The classic phpBB theme that is widly used on the internet!
- gfxSilver: The new and unique GfxForum skin. Developed to perfection! 8)

Finally, development is taking place on the official GfxForum skin. The structure has been built and as you noticed it was temporarily held together using a standard phpBB subSilver skin. Well, this new skin (gfxSilver) is almost complete - its a heavily modified spin-off of the standard subSilver theme. For those of you who love the classic forum look, then you'll be happy to know that "subSilver" was left alive and you can still continue using it - change your settings in your profile and select subSilver. Although we recommend you use the official skin due to its newly added features:
- Enhanced navigation, jump box, display posts/topics
- Minor bug fixes here and there both backend, front end and stylesheets
- Even faster, more effecient and lighter :shock:
- New platinum smilies to "Bling Bling" the place up :D
- Its real silver - not a blue/fake silver used in subSilver! 8)

Please direct all your comments and suggestions to the Feedback forum and let us know what your views are! We're still on the look out for more development and changes when neccessary...

Enjoy, hope this makes everybody comfortable :)

GfxDiary Team!

Note: A big thanks goes out to Forum Images for their great supply of forum icons and buttons. Some of GfxForum's design elements is based on their images and thus it is under their copyright. Use without permission from both parties is forbidden!

Latest changes:
- PHP Code tag button now added to the posting and private messages to highlight the php code syntax!

Heres an example of this new function:


We have decided to part ways with the old "gfxGrey" theme that powered GfxForum for almost half a year. The reason behind this was to save space and also it was too old. It lacked the new and improved features that we have implemented in the new themes (subSilver and gfxSilver). Also, it was too time consuming to maintain three themes and we are not prepared to do that :P

Sorry to all the users who loved and still use the "gfxGrey" theme! Its really out of our hands, we'd rather develop the official theme than keep going back and forth. As of today (04 September 2003) the theme will be removed from our server and all users who currently use it will be switched to "gfxSilver" automatically.

Of course, you have every right to launch a riot and campaign to bring it back - and you may do so in the "Site Feedback" forum :D

Thank you,

Latest changes:
06 September 2003

- Signature restrictions are now enforced on GfxForum. We have a system in place that will limit signatures to only ONE image with maximum size of 468pix width x 60pix height.

- This rule will apply as of today and will not automatically apply to existing members. We have noticed that some of you are already in breech of these new regulations. Please take the time to modify your signature to conform to the new changes before we remove the sig for you!

Thank you,

8 September 2003

We have been working more on the GfxForum skin and backend. Here are the latest changes:
- New backend template system in use. Users should not notice any changes (frontend) however, this new system is even more powerful and yes believe it or not is even faster and more efficient than the old system. How fast can make this place load? :shock:
- Added minimum posting restriction. This is to avoid having "spam-like" messages containing a word or two :x The new minimum limit is set to 15 characters!
- Added a new friendly robot mascot and helper to the GfxDiary Team. Introducing GfxBOT - Your online D-Zine(r), its job is to inform people of new tutorials and look after our best interest :D 8)

More development is planned, we'll keep you updated!

5 December 2003

A few days ago, i've finished the planning stages for GfxDiary 2004. Now i have a clear idea of what works and what isnt compatible with the existing layout. One of them is the left hand side menu.

Here are the latest development and changes that has taken place from testing the new layout:
- Menu and navigation system revamped from scratch.
- The gfxSilver template will not be changed in terms of colour and style however, the page boundaries will be removed.
- The overall page/layout setup will be made 100% screen-fit to be made compatible with all screen sizes and resolutions.
- Thanks to Thomas, the template system has now gone GLOBAL, used by the entire GfxDiary site not just GfxForum meaning more efficient backend, less files to work with!
- The site administration has been revamped and made global (thanks to Thomas)!

Expected release date: Around 24th December 2003 (Xmas Present?!)