Well i want to post some of my newly works and want you all to judge them. BUt i need some kin dof hosting to upload .jpg's. Bio i ask for help.

OK, i've now set up an ANONYMOUS FTP for GfxDiary with UPLOAD permissions:

[email protected]

{empty} or anything you want :roll:

Im working ot add the "ATTACHMENT" mod for GfxForum, but im sure the hosting space WILL run out. So if anyone has any suggestions i'd like to hear them. Ive thought about this and some of the ideas are:
- people upload their work on GfxDiary server to show off, get ideas, get support and after 1 month the work will be deleted to save our precious webspace.

Hopefully, if we get a dedicated server we'll be able to host all our member's FREE! But we need to generate the money to pay for it all somehow :roll:

I suggest you start clicking banners like a mad man on the loose :idea:

dude i do mosnter cilicking on all banners everyday!