Red eyed monster is back

Yep dudes i am back, with tones of inspiration, feelings and etc. If somebody interested how it was ask here.

Well? How was it? Any thing happened :wink: ? I doubt it though, u probably scared away all the girls :lol:

Btw, notice any changes on the forum? :P

Nah girls seemed really likely to me(dunno what i said but i meant they liked me much). Well everything was cool, beach, girls, drinkzzz:D Well i havent drunk much. Drinking on vacation is stupid. Well i didnt go to disco, cause stupid Turkey rhytmes got me bored on the second day. Well many girls are sitting in the bar :D Nothing extra ordiniary happened,is just i finally rested :D so wont make such violent critisim :D


I think we'll have more visitors posting here then, cos they were scared of you man :(

Dont go too soft, we still need an arogant character here :wink:

welcome back, check out my new version.
and click on some ads:)