Music while designing?

Do you listen to music while designing? I always have my music on, even when not designing. But heres the interesting part. Have you noticed that music DOES actually affect ur designs? Depending on the type of music u listen to and the mood at the time, u can really suprise yourself :wink:

Try it! Lets say u wanna create a piece for a gfx battle, listen to some rough music and let your mind flow. If you wanna see the difference then wait untill the next round and do the piece without music or some other type of music like Classical :roll: (not for me but u never know... take urself to extremes :lol: )

I gurantee u'll see a weird difference. But it all depends on the mood and ur abilities of course. If u have no idea what photoshop is, dont expect to just listen to rap music and all of a sudden ur some graphical genious :twisted:

Coolio - Gangstas Paradise
- Mama i fell in love with gangsta
Gangstarr/Guru - All(not song , i meant all songs)

This makes my mind flow ;) Especially gangstas paradise.

OMG so much white boy rap ! Ah have good taste dude, despite Eminem :D

I always listen to sad music or very energetical like Drum and Bass or jungle.. heh I love music. Before i was into rap, but not so much. it sucks for designing :(

Deniss wrote:

Before i was into rap, but not so much. it sucks for designing :(

true, true...

Hip Hop is good for anyways. :D

depending on what im designing i mostly listen to hiphop/rnb - although for that BioHazard Battle it doesnt work, i need something like old skool 2pack playing :idea:

On one of my works(comming up) i was inspired by 2pac's Letter to a President.

-------try designing while hearing to that kind of,....
i`m..having a musical orgasm

Drum N Bass is the best music for me. It's so emotional... so energetic. Inspires me a shit load :)

Heavy Metal, Punk Rock and stuff like that's my thing ;)

I've never listened to music while designing, maybe I'll try it sometime.

Fucking rocker! Blow ya stupid rockers heads is my target.

LOL sooo many designers listen to rock, metal, and grunge its unbelievable. But the truth is that they make some amazing art pieces. NEarly all top designers are into that kinda music. Nooooo, im too different :cry:

Bio rock sucks, cause Rap fucks it ina butt. I show soem screenie what i ahev amde during listening to 2pac, especially " "some ppl ask why?".

This piece amde me blow with ideas. 8)

LOL RedDragon, calm down and type slower, what you typed above clearly shows that one hand was typing way faster than the other and so one wasnt keeping us with the lettering :lol:

Hint: use the edit and fix ur posts next time ;)

Yeah, i listen to rap sometimes when im doing battle pieces. but that last battle with Vinc3 you had to listen to some slow jams cos i needed to calm myself when workign with those slow pixels. I was getting way frustrated and needed some serious calming down :D

Listen to music while designing works quite well for me :). I'm gonna do it more.

Finally, we have a believer 8)
Its a miracle i tell ya, even n00bs can do some good gfx if they got music on :)

metal,rock punk rock whatever it all owns 8)
it inspires me so much when i draw n stuff or else i just dont feel like drawing or anything

When i design without music, i struggle to think of ideas but when i listen to music ideas just come flooding in.

Vinc3 i guess then you like newly came Avril Lavin and i want to say that PUNK(rock and othr shit) is SHIT! And A.L. is a stupid whore!

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What do yuo expect me to say you? Fuck your rulez haha.

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Ah Bio you mother fucker, how do you expect me to show my thoughts without adding spicy swearing!

Use sweet swearing dammit! Spicy swearing gives me heartburn!

Anyways. I like to listen to Rock (mailnly Linkin Park) or Techno/Trance while designing. I find I'm more productive when there is music blaring in my headphones.