“Good artists copy, great artists steal”

Nice! I've also talked LOTS about rip/inspiration and where you draw line. To save breath heres the article that outlines everything us designers would ever need in regards to this subject matter:

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OMG and you state it as a Nice topic ? i think this guy is lost and promotes the idea of not inventing , but just modifying and upgrading others ideas ! It can work for clients ya working on, since mostly they havent searched the net much and just want a good presentation of their firm in internet. But not for designer people, you'd be stated as a riper for sure and it is not borrowing ideas, it is actual riping. Thats why for example Art Lebedevs Studio has it's own gallery of CLONES. And you know they add the websites that are like 30 % similliar ! But if the website is repeating their strucutre, it is D00med to live in their gallery 4ever ! And i have no respect for that guy for real.