Hindering Rippers

this is a tutorial on systemdark.com but i thought it was very useful, so i'm gonna bring it here. the following are three ways to help protect your site from rippers:
1. Disable rightclick

that will prevent ne rightclicking from goin on on ur page.

2. Disable selecting text

this is similar to the other one, but it prevents ppl from highlighting ur text

3. Disable image dragging

this prevents ppl from dragging images into the url section of IE.

u can combine ne of these, just keep them inside the tag[/code]

Nice, thanx for that kAsPeR 8)
But the "real" question is where did SystemDark's Resplent got it from? Ohh the long hours he spent asking me about them on AIM... in the end, he figured out my code :D

I'll be writing a full tutorial on the whole concept of the above and how you can take it further by preventing people from viewing your source. But as always: YOU CAN NEVER FEND OFF AN EXPERIENCED DESIGNER FROM RIPPING YOUR SITE AND TAKING OUT ITS CODE!

Don't forget in almost every web-browser you have a dandy little option that states view source ;)

and don't forget..
echo file_get_contents (nl2br (htmlentities ('http://site.com/paht/to/file.html')));
will show the front-end-source of the given file...

Your ideas are quite usefull, but their only for the real 'newbies' on the internet...