Best System?

What System do you think is best? (Xbox all the way :P)

PS 2 rulezzz! the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8) 8) 8)

PC all the way.

I voted for "Other" - PCs will never die down - always improving and getting better and better... although the Xbox is sort of like a boxed PC :x

DIV xbox rulez :)

cum on, delete that sucky win2k mod out of your xbox and use that WD hdd in there for something more useful, put linux on it, and watch some nice DivX:):):)

Bah, nexflo - i know that u know well enough that PCs can u know, play u know... DivX :P

U know?

what really? I know....know that a PC can do that :P

why do people buy dvd know that your computer you know can play DVD's as well :P

its just a box next to the TV for watchin DivX :P DivX-Box

PC 4ever! Computer technology allows fantastic effects! I don't know much about ps2 but i think it can't leave behind pentium 4 with all this cool stuff.

Girls girls!

The ppl who say "PC 4ever and etc." havent played console games, such masteprises as FiNal Fantasy Series. The game play and graphics on consoles better and better so PC will die :) hehe

Ypu want to say that computer doesn't allow effects of FF? If there was a game like FF on PC look like beter than on PS. Of course this is just my personal opinion.
PC 4ever!!! :D

hehe ok I wanna see yourself upgrading your PS2 / Xbox or whatever to new radeon 9700 is it? :)

Final Fantasy already exists on PC. And the quality is much better than the console version (depending on ur gfxcard). Also i agree with nexflo... nothing matches the power of a PC. Some consoles might be more powerful than a few of the computers nowadays, but give it a year and its the other way around, thats why they already started working on PS3 :idea:

RedDragon wrote:

Girls girls!

The ppl who say "PC 4ever and etc." havent played console games, such masteprises as FiNal Fantasy Series. The game play and graphics on consoles better and better so PC will die :) hehe

Just so you know, you CAN play console games on PC. Yes, ps2 games too.

Crap i hate such port
sof games which is a treasure of the console on PC. BTWplaying FF on PC is hard, harder then on console.

Pc games r mostly riped ideas, old ideas, nothing special, just stupid "cloning" of games. Thats the difference betwen consoles and PC games.

PS/2 rulezzzz and no arguments :)

just think....what a console is..u ever opened an xbox?
Its a simple a western digital HDD in there, and its running a stripped down version of the windows 2000 kernel....

Its made for gaming yes....but keep in mind..its still gotta be cheap.. + unupgradable...

the debat doesnt make any sense....its a fact that computers are better as you can invest more cash in them as in a console And you can upgrade them.....if u think its harder to play on the PC....just get a PS2 clone gamepad... :)

First person shooters need a mouse....a must :) (halflife)

Red, modern pc have ultimate abilites. And what will be in a year or two? Latest iMac & p4 potential is VERY high!
BTW talking about games. Script doesn't depend on the system. It's just the fantasy of creators.

LOL we r talking about best system BlaZe, no about how many millions of texture in 1 second a new Pantium 4 5000 can read. LOL. The main in the game is the script, next is the gameplay, music, the last is graphics.

hmm....ok red your last post didnt make too much sense ;)

Yeah Red. Sript, music etc. doesn't depend on system on which u r playing!

LOl stupid ass i said themain in the game!

That means that all this quarell about best system is nothing. U better try to learn to read other ppl's posts and think about what they try to say.

First of all don't call me so! :x I read you message clearly! We are discussing abilities of game stations here. The main theme of the game is another question. PC have more graphical and hardware(wheel, mouse etc.) devices than any of systems.

LOL the ammount of devices(mouse, keyboard) dont make it a good station.

Btw u must havent read my last topic again and wrote everything in emotional way. I repeat learn to listen to other ppl man.

The last argument: all WCG games use PC and never use PS or PS2. Maybe we'll just need to wait... I listen you and i respect your point of view. I just say what i am thinking about all this mess. I think we just need to stop argue! All in all it's just Games, dude! :D

WELL WCG is mega shit, a group of hundred ppl whp play games lie children. Many of them r 40+years old and still play such stupid games like Counter-Strike.

Red, Red...sometime ago you played Counter-Strike and dreamed to get on WCG! What do you have against WCG? Red you need to relax. You don't like everything! :) Btw professional gamers gets good financial support. But i think you know it better than me!

HMM dont think so. even best American players get low money and feed theirselves with burgers and etc.Have u seen progamers eye's? :) The eye's of tiredness. Cant imagine now how the ppl cna play 2 days with out stoping while training:)))

OK, i must be honest with u people: although i'm working to create a game (BioGame Project) i never really play much games. I've played all the great games but not to the absolute end. I enjoy watching people play games rather than take part myself - unless i'm being challenged.

Therefore, i now have the best of both worlds. Not an avid gamer, but a true gamer by heart. I hope this will help me as i wouldnt be favourable for one gameplay type to another. This is the main reason why i want to create a multi-gameplay environment so that people from all over the world can enjoy all the differnt gameplay types under one game - all joined together by a simple (hopefully not that simple :wink: ), strong, believable storyline/script.

Sometimes ago games was some kind of sport for me but now i am tired always be in fit. It needs too much time so now i am playing just for fun.
2BioALIEN: It's a good idea to combine different game types but i know only one game there it was realized. This game was a complete disaster! Cause if you make strategy/3daction/races you'll get middle strategy, bad 3d shooter and terrible races! :(

BlaZe is right. The exmple of it is one of James Bond series game.

James bond WTF? Never herd about it. Red do you remember parkan? Heh! LOL :D

It will be hard to do but thats why i'm making this game open for anyone to join (with neccessary skills). If we have good programmers, then we can have a good blend and the different gameplay types will inter-link between each other. An example of this is the New Half-Life2 it has racing, 3d shooting and all, i'm also planning to use the HL2 engine if i can because the graphics/programming is amazing...

You can checkout the video (560MB) of the Half Life 2 engine and game features at file planet:

finally I convinced him ;)

Half-life 2? wtF? I think there isn't strategy in it. Shooter can be combined with RPG or quest or maybe simulator but not with a strategy.

PPL if u want to take tips about gameplay u better ask me nad BlaZe, we r mad gamers :)

guys...what you still doing here.

we are talking about the H2 engine...

not story not anything besides the engine...which is just awesome...

HL2 engine is full crap :)

I don't know Hl2 engine but there is no game with combined game styles which was on top. Maybe we'll breake this rule...i hope so! :)

well dont say u dont like it if u havent seen it yet...

H2 is groundbreaking some picz here:

Try to download the E3 trailer....its quite big..but definelty worth it...U see stuff uve never seen before ;)

All elements in the game can be used/destroyed/picked up...
YES all elements..

meaning if i drive a car into a house....yes the house will break...

if i see a coke can on the floor yes i can pick it up and throw it down the stairs..and yes it wont just fall down, but roll down the stairs...fall down one chair and another...just like in real life :)

About destroying: We saw it everything in Red Faction 2, so the idea is not new.

The screens r awful.

Wont play HL2

2nexflo: Link doesn't work! :(

BlaZe wrote:

2nexflo: Link doesn't work! :(

works for me

noxcel wrote:

works for me

Oh, now it's finally working!

guys we're not talking about the Half Life game here just the engine, so just taking its backend (the heart) and seeing if we can use it to power up our project. I have no idea what i'm talking about here cos i'm not a programmer but maybe theres someone out there who can do the task easily. Anyone can understand: 00 01 10 11 :roll:

Guys, guys! Do u know HOW MUCH will Half Life 2 engine COST!? I think it will be a HUGE amount!

i dont know really. its still a long time before we start working on the programming phase of this project so lets just forget this toppic for now.

File > Project Section > Freeze (Ctrl + F) 8)

Well best system is a reallife girl. Really interesting and with feelings. Whoaaaa.