Interview with William Allan Limerick of

[GfxD] What is your REAL name?
[WAL] William Allan Limerick

What is your date of birth (day/month/year)?
Same as my Twin Brother

Where are you from - tell us a bit about yourself?
I am from Scotland - now living in Sweden. Married to a lovely Swedish girl.

Describe briefly a typical day that you go through?
I am working as a Joiner, so I get up around 5.30am and I arrive home at 4pm. The computer is switched on and then its to work - buiding on the ideas, I have dreamed up while banging this hammer. I usually hit the bed when I am tired- some times - its way past my beddy byes.

What is your nickname/handle and what's the story behind it?
Only Billy- short for William- I only use William on a Sunday.

What is the name and address of your website?
Billy Limerick

Is this your first website? And how long have you had it for?
This is my 7th Addition- its only been up for one week.

Do you have any other sites that we should know about/be on the look out for in the future?
I am in the middle of a business site and having talks with my possible partners in London - the company is called "Scotswede Promotions".

Do you design and create all of your art/images/layouts?
I use stock photos for some Images, all layouts are my own and I attend to devote more time to Photoshop.

What programs do you use to create your work?
Ultra Dev and Photoshop

When designing do you use plug-ins and filters and if so what are they?
In Photoshop- I tend to use the following plug-ins, Kais- KTP6- Eye Candy, not too much as the image will be too large for downloading.

Do you use programming languages on your site such as ASP, PHP, CGI etc.? If so, tell us how you learnt them?
ASP, I know very little of this language, but its very effective - then I would love to dig deeper into PHP but mostly I am the Basic guy - HTML.

What type of content do you have on your website?
The site is about me - my old days and present. My old band "SHY", Photoshop, Scotland and I try to include creations from other designers.

What's your site's traffic levels like? Give us your average hits/visits statistics?
In the region of 200 hits a day- could be less or more.

Give a brief description of why we should visit your site? What does it offer?
As I have said before, I try to cater for everyone, if the site was just about me then my hits would be less. You have to attract the attention of people and I think I have done this plus I am always looking to improve.

What is your favourite food?
Steak and Chips

Favourite desert?
None- I am sweet enough

Favourite videogame?
Don't laugh! Tomb Raider - played them all.

Favourite artist/band and music genre?
The WaterBoys- Simple minds and SHY

Favourite colour?

What are your Likes?
Going on Holiday- working on my designs and making people laugh.

What are your Dislikes?
Rain- War- Bees- and Glasgow Celtic

Favourite website(s) you visit besides yours and why?
B-man artworks and Andysdk- they seem to have the ball rolling and know what people want to read and see. They are talented guys.

Who is your host and why have you chose them? - they are reliable and professional. I moved my 3 sites away from a certain host, in which I paid very good money to... my sites were invisible most of the time- so its best to look around and ask people from their experience.

Do you make any money from your site?
Not A bloody Penny

Has your site ever been hacked or stolen?

How long are you usually online for per day?
Usually from 4pm to Midnight- one can say 8 hours per day.

Tell us about some of your online activities that you like to do?
Mostly I surf the net for inspirations- look at the sites, I dream of having one day.

Tell us about some of your offline activities that you like to do?
Well, that's all kinda stopped since I got this computer- but once in a while, I will get the guitar out and record some songs.

What do you think of the Biomutation website?
The site is well designed and the designer certainly knows his stuff- this site will only improve through time.

Closing Remark:
Thanks for reading my answers to the questions I was given. I would like to maybe give some of my useful tips for designing in which I stand by, even though I am no expert. A web site is like a newspaper so I take tips from looking at the daily newspapers. Keep the site clean and the downloading time reasonably fast and last but not least, enjoy what you are doing! Its a art of its own and who knows? One day, I may just stop the whole episode and return to my normal life. Us web designers have no normal life. We eat, breath and sleep creation Don't We?