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Europe, Norway

Profile Identity:
My real name is Thomas Winsnes and I have tried many handles up through the years. Most people know me by -T- though. T is the front letter of my name :p, but I'm using my full name at my site now. Trying to get rid of the handle, think it's time for a change. I'm from Northern Europe, a country called Norway and I live close to the capital, Oslo. I was born on the 29th of March 1985, and lived here the next 18 years of my life. I'm probably going to stay here a few more years.

Life Style:
My normal day starts at about 6:30am (yes, 6:30 am! I hate being up early, but it has to be done), that's when the clock rings, and I drag myself out of bed at about 6:45. That's when I see the time and start running around the house doing the stuff you do in the morning. I usually get to the bus in time, but not always. I'm lucky though, I have two chances, because the bus comes back around So I finally get to the school. I'm in high school (or senior high as it's called in some places). There I study very hard to get where I want, well no, but I'm there. I'm just a usual student doing normally good in school. I get home at about 4pm. I'm usually pretty tired after school so I just fall down into a chair and look at TV. When my parents get home we eat. Then I'm out, running around in the streets killing people and taking drugs, as my mom seems to think. After a few hours of fun I come home to start on my homework. When that is done, or halfway done, depending on the mood. I turn on the computer and start playing with graphics. And I usually stay up way too long doing this, which makes me very sleepy in the morning, but of course things vary. Some times I go straight to the computer when I come home from school and sit there the rest of the day, or I don't use it at all. Ok, what was the question again? Ah, job. Nope, I don't have one at the moment. I do some design work now and then, but no big projects. Hoping this will turn to the better soon though.

What I like the most are people that are honest. I can't stand people that lie to get what they want, or to get away with something. I usually say that you have to stand for your actions, not run away and blame someone else. My favorite color is probably green, as you may have seen in the last designs of art4eye. I have used green as the main color. Green is a relaxing color and it's a color that is used all over nature. Wherever you look, you can see green. I don't have a favorite type of music. I think there are good songs in every genre. I listen to the song rather then the type of song it is. If the melody is good and it awakens some feelings in me, I usually like it. I find myself listening to chill out/ambience very often though. It's relaxing, just as my favourite color.

My adventure into the world of web design and digital art started when I made my first homepage at the age of 9. I don't remember what the site was about, but I remember some of the design. I have a tendency to remember pictures much better than text. I made all the design error you can make on that site. I even had multicolored gifs as background. And off course they were set to repeated. Blinking text was a must. And I didn't even take one class to learn that. I've been a bit on and off the 9 years after that and have tried myself in many fields, but ended as a web designer. I loved to make designs so I figured I could make a site about it. I'm pretty happy where I am right now. Of course I could have done things different, but why think about that when I can rather enjoy what I have now.

Tools Used:
I use a lot of programs when I work, but the programs I use the most is Photoshop 7, 3D Studio Max 5, and Dreamweaver. I don't think it's possible to master a program such as Photoshop or 3D Studio Max, they have endless possibilities. But I think you can become fairly good with them and master many techniques. Other programs then, I have a digital camera, don't use it much though, and my beloved Wacom Graphire 2 tablet. And it's all connected to my slow computer. It's a 1.2ghrz AMD T-bird with 256MB RAM and about 280 Gigabyte disk space. When I do renders in 3d studio I usually have to leave my computer for an hour or two, because of the speed. If I try to do something else while I render, the whole thing usually crashes.

Current Status:
At this moment I only work on art4eye, nothing more website wise. I'm planning something, but it's still a secret though. I have done some experimenting with php lately, even made a small, rather basic game ( I don't make much money off my work, though I wish I did. Then I wouldn't have to work besides designing. But what can I expect? I'm still in school.

My creation method is pretty simple. I get an idea, draw it down on a paper and then I start to work. I usually get my idea when I do things that have nothing to do with web designing, like walking out in nature or right before I fall to sleep. I have a hard time sitting down in front of a blank image in Photoshop and make something good. Sometimes it works out that way too, but that is usually just luck or I'm just experimenting and something nice comes out. I like both working in groups and working alone. Both have pros and cons. Working in a group lessens the workload and you have more ideas and thoughts about what's supposed to be where and such. But when you work alone you have total freedom, you work when it fits you to work and you do it just like you want.

I get most of my ideas when I let my mind just wander. Nature is a great place to get inspiration. And a lot of it comes when I just surf around the web, seeing what other do and such like DeviantArt, a place I spent a lot of time before, but I have been spending less time there lately. It seems that people have started adding half-finished projects, and things I wouldn't even think about showing to anyone. I don't have any big artists that I follow for inspiration. It's more like I look at the art pieces and designs, not the person who made them. I try to create unique designs and art, but it is really hard. I think I have managed to do it a couple of times, but it's rare. It's easier with web designs then with art though.

At this moment I'm leaning heavily toward web designing and application writing for the web. As I said, I've been working a bit with php lately and I've become very fond of it. What I want to do is start up a studio like 2advanced and make it work. It's going to be hard though, but nevertheless, I'm going to try.

If it's one thing I don't like in this world, it's people whom lie and cheat. People that take credit for others work. But I shouldn't start a rant about that now, then I will be sitting here and writing for several hours and it won't be that fun to read anyways. I usually take it a bit far when I rant about things that have thoughts and meanings. A hint I can give, is to be honest. There is a low chance you will get anything good out from lieing and cheating, in the long run. And the chance for backfire is huge.

Designing is the art of making beautiful things. So when you design, make things you like and there is a big chance others like it too. But remember, it's impossible to make everyone happy. So there will always be some people that don't like your work.