Interview with Tan Wei Heng of

[GfxD] What is your REAL name?
[TWH] Tan Wei Heng, where Tan is my family name.

What is your date of birth (day/month/year)?
April 11, 1986.

Where are you from - tell us a bit about yourself?
Malaysia, a country in South East Asia. I am a Chinese guy. Living a moderate life.

Describe briefly a typical day that you go through?
At about 6am, wake up and get to school. At about 1pm I get back from school, sleep a while or do my computer stuff. Later on, at about 5-6pm, I practise my biking skill. Wheelie and bunny hop around, then rest and dinner. Do my school homework at night, then fire up winamp and listen to music before I sleep. Nothing much interesting.

What is your nickname/handle and what's the story behind it?
Snecx. Figured out that weird name in 1999, when I first online and need a nick for my own email. Tried to find a nick where no one else has it, and voila!

What is the name and address of your website?
eXcaDARK system v.10 at Don't remember how I got that long weird name.

Is this your first website? And how long have you had it for?
17th site, since December 25, 2001.

Do you have any other sites that we should know about/be on the look out for in the future?
None for now. Too busy.

Do you design and create all of your art/images/layouts?
Yeap. Including the scripts.

What programs do you use to create your work?
Artworks: Adobe Photoshop 7; Flash: Macromedia Flash MX; Scripts: Notepad, DzSoft Perl Editor.

When designing do you use plug-ins and filters and if so what are they?
The Gaussion Blur filter. Most of the time I only use the Layer Styles. Including my eXcaDARK site.

Do you use programming languages on your site such as ASP, PHP, CGI etc.? If so, tell us how you learnt them?
Perl/CGI. Learn from other downloaded scripts and the manual came with Perl 5.xx.

What type of content do you have on your website?
Art related: Skins, artworks, tutorials; Non-art: CGI scripts.

What's your site's traffic levels like? Give us your average hits/visits statistics?
Before changing server, it was about 140 hits per day on the intro page. I got a huge bandwidth in August, where my site took about 14gb in 10 days, as mentioned by the owner of I had to move to because was unable to support my site. Now, my site traffic went down a lot after the server change. Not planning to make any announcement about this server change because I am quite busy lately.

Give a brief description of why we should visit your site? What does it offer?
Well, if you love art, you'll like my site. The best thing, it is free.

What is your favourite food?
Anything tasty and easy to eat (not fish because too many bones)

Favourite desert?
Cold and healthy food. Ice-cream, watermelon, etc. Don't like coke.

Favourite videogame?
Colin McRae Rally II, Motorhead (old game), NFS6 (coming soon)

Favourite artist/band and music genre?
Linkin Park, Enigma, etc. Anything techno suits my taste.

Favourite colour?
Cold Blue (eXcaDARK glassy blue)

What are your Likes?
A cool life, mountain bikes, digital arts, cars, speed, and a girl friend I hope.

What are your Dislikes?
Smokes, coke... I don't remember anything much I really hate.

Favorite website(s) you visit besides yours and why? (news, horoscope, movies), (cool community site), (because many people there), (I am the gfx designer there), (getting help for flash movies), and other graphics sites. Visiting when free.

Who is your host and why have you chose them? Offered me a free space, so I took it because I am a little poor for my very own space.

Do you make any money from your site?

Has your site ever been hacked or stolen? If so tell us more:
Ripped once and hacked once on the Snake game highscore by a hacker from Arab,

How long are you usually online for per day?
1-2 hour per day on a 56k.

Tell us about some of your online activities that you like to do?
Visit art related sites, collection good artworks, and reply messages on my own site.

Tell us about some of your offline activities that you like to do?
Practise my digital skills such as playing games, tweak my computer, listen to songs, make skins, and many more.

What do you think of the Biomutation website?
When it comes to comment, I can only tell that each site need efforts to make it a great one. It is coming along great. Improvement that I would like to see would be a new interface and good contents. That is what most people like to see when they surf a site.

Closing Remark:
Well. First, thanks to GfxDiary for this interview, which is my first one and thanks to others who read this interview. Second, I just wanna say that my English is not that good compared to most people on the internet. So, there will be grammar mistakes here and there.

I've been making skins and artworks since 2000. Experience gained a lot. I just hope that I can come up with a better and bigger surprise 2 years from now, the time when I get out from highschool. Ciao!