Interview with Mike Pacific of


Danbury, USA

Profile Identity:
My name is Mike Pacific and my online alias is iMike. There isn't really an interesting story behind the name iMike. I've just had so many handles in the past (Taz, Xt3eb, Interman12) that I wanted one that had my actual name in it. And since Mike is inevitably taken anywhere, I slapped an i in front. Sometimes you will see me under the name EyeMyke. That's an alternate nickname that spinless blessed upon me.

I was born and raised in Bethel, CT and currently reside in Danbury, which is one town over. Boring area with nothing to do, but New York City is 90 minutes away so I guess it could be worse.

I am 20 years old, and turn 21 on August 7, 2003 and was born on August 7, 1982. I have no idea what you mean by vital statistics so I'll skip that.

Life Style:
Right now I have two official jobs and a bunch of side jobs to earn a bit of extra cash since I am eternally broke. I work for DeskMod/ModBlog/Ramped first and foremost as co-owner, which means management, and development. My second job, the "day job", I am a web developer for Visidia, Inc, a small company out of Bethel, CT. My typical day is kind of boring, I guess. I get up, get breakfast, work, work, watch some TV, work, and sleep. On the weekends I LOVE to get away from anything to do with a computer since that's all I see for the work week.

In the fall I will be attending Western Connecticut State University as a Business Management major. I was originally a Computer Science major, but I decided that it would be best to switch since I am not sure that I want to be behind a computer screen for the rest of my life. Biz management offers flexibility.

Likes: Music, namingly indie rock, punk (not any of that New Found Glory crap), post-hardcore, and 60's-80's music. I like some dance music but only in small doses. I also enjoy movies and just hanging out with friends.

Dislikes: I don't have a strong dislike for many things. I guess my two biggies are ignorance and prejudice, which kind of go together. If you can't come with valid reasons for hating something, don't hate. Same goes with starting an argument.

- Sport: American Football. Go Giants!
- Color: Either Navy Blue or Hunter Green
- Font: Verdana
- Food - Zuppa Toscata from Olive Garden
- Desert: Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl frozen yogurt with chocolate syrup.
- Movie: Haven't found that one yet.
- Game: WWE Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth for PS2

Online Activities: I just like sitting around on IRC and chatting mainly. And coding. I'm not much of a web surfer surprisingly. I'd rather just chat with people.

Offline Activities: Driving. I love driving. I'm a fast and aggressive driver. I figure everyone is a defensive driver, so I should be offensive to counteract them right? I also like bowling and good conversation and debates!

I started in web development way back when in the ages of AOL and the Web Diner. It had to have been 7 or 8 years now. I did the usual AOLer pages and then I wanted more, so I picked up Photoshop 4, and AOLPress *cough* and went to town. I then progressed through several personal sites. I joined the DeskMod team in December of 1999 as an administrator. From there I became a head administrator a few months later. In November of 2001, just before we relaunched from the site crash, I was asked to be a partner with David Gorman, to which I enthusiastically accepted. And the rest is history.

I guess I have been seriously web developing for about 4 years now with PHP and all that. I don't really have any formal education in web development, I just pretty much pick up what I need to know as I go. People say that I know a lot about web development, but really I want to learn a lot more. It's such a vast field that it's almost impossible to know it all.

Am I happy where I am right now? You bet! At age 20, I'm running an up-and-coming company, and doing what I love with one of my best friends ever (David Gorman). I don't think I could ask for much more.

Tools Used:
For static web pages, I use Dreamweaver. It has great site management tools that I love. For dynamic sites, I use pico exclusively. Pico is a unix-based text editor that is hated by many, but I adore it. So simple and easy. I work on a total of three machines between home and work. My primary home machine is an iMac 17" widescreen. It has a 800 mHz G4 processor with 512 MB of RAM and a 80 GB HDD. It is running Mac OSX 2.

My secondary machine, the "22 box" as I call it, is a 400 mHz P2 PC running RedHat. It's called the 22 box because I won it off of eBay for 22 dollars. It has 64 MB of RAM and a 6 GB HDD. My machine at work is a 500 mHz P3 with 128 MB of RAM and a total of 12 GB of HD space.

Current Status:
I am currently involved with a plethora of projects, including DeskMod, ModBlog, and some stuff I can't tell you about Financially, it's a bit tight, but that's because of tuition fees. I think I'm doing reasonably well for all the bills I pay. I am incredibly happy with DeskMod and ModBlog. They are growing at an incredible rate and being improved upon every day. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would one day be a part of something so vast, much less be at an ownership level. I make a good amount of money with contract work yes. It's a great field that pays well. The only tough part is that it's not too consistant, so you really have to watch how you spend the money you get, because it could be your last check for a while.

Planning is essential with any project. Before you can work on something, you have to see it. Meetings with other members of the development team are essential. If everyone is not on the same page, the project may be doomed from the get-go and that could get very messy, very quickly. When I am actually coding, I kind of prefer to be the only one working. If you have too many people working on the same thing, stuff gets confused and the end product is just not as good as it could be.

Inspiration is all around the Internet. I am inspired from the array of great sites out there. I am also inspired by those with a great work ethic and who get things done the right way. They are the ones who inspire me most.

In the future, I hope to be just as happy as I am now and very successful. I hope that DeskMod and ModBlog are growing at a rapid rate and the quality of work hasn't dropped at all. Many organizations lose focus of their goal as they get bigger, and I don't want anything that I am a part of to fall victim to that same pattern. My main goal in life is to be successful without being a jerk. I never want to treat people without the respect they deserve, no matter what position they are in. If I ever lose touch with my moral in the course of my professional career, then I have failed miserably.

The one thing in this world that really bugs me is accountability. People don't take responsibility for their actions. They are too quick to place the blame somewhere else. If there was one thing I would change, it would be that people would have to have more respect for others and take responsibility. Some advice I would give to readers is to never lose touch with your goals or your morals. If you do, you will live a lonely and meaningless life. And always try to take it to the next level. Try to put a spin on anything you do, so that people can look at your work and say, "Hey, that's something different!"

Peace, love, and soul! Oh, and bottled water tastes SO much better than tap water. Well worth the $1.50 a bottle.