Interview with Ender Diril of

[GfxD] What is your REAL name?
[ED] Ender Diril

What is your date of birth (day/month/year)?
11 / 01 / 1977

Where are you from - tell us a bit about yourself?
I am from Turkey.

Describe briefly a typical day that you go through?
Well I begin the day at 14:30 Pm usually. Because I made too much works in the night and after midnight. After brunch I catch my bus and running to my office 4 make a new web designs. Usually my business finished at 21:30 Pm and meeting my girlfriend walk around in Taksim really nice place in ?stanbul then come up my home again. Wath horror movies with my friends after home cinema he he i found myself front of my computer. I can reach the bed at 06:00 or 05:30 Am.

What is your nickname/handle and what's the story behind it?
My nick is Art DJ. First I want to do a showplace for my works and I decided to do a web site because people can see my works. I found a name 4 myself Art DJ. Because I use a simple photo and it became really different path with my skills so it became my vision. That’s the reason my nick is Art DJ I change photos so I made an Art then I change photos like DJ's did change songs.

What is the name and address of your website?
:: Art DJ ::

Is this your first website? And how long have you had it for?
Yes this is my first web site and I thing it has been online at 1 year.

Do you have any other sites that we should know about/be on the look out for in the future?
Yes I have other sites after Art DJ I made . This site belongs to Turkish Classic Music Singer’s site Muazzez Ersoy. I still have my projects bu I can not tell they are mine because it will be show up in my company’s site. But my freelance sites are: Turkish Classic Music Singer Fashion Designer "Still working on project" Flower Shop "Still working on project"

Do you design and create all of your art/images/layouts?
Yes all designs and layouts are mine.

What programs do you use to create your work?
I can not tell you specific programs but usually. Photoshop 7.1, Dreamweaver Mx, Flash Mx, Fireworks Mx, Poser 4.3, Z Brush 1.23, Accsess and Asp.

When designing do you use plug-ins and filters and if so what are they?
I do not choose plug-ins in my designs because they did you lazy in designing programs. Photoshop filters is enough for me.

Do you use programming languages on your site such as ASP, PHP, CGI etc.? If so, tell us how you learnt them?
Well yes I use .Asp, Java Script and Css. I have learned Java Script and Css myself but .Asp is really hard for me at the beginning but My Friend Cemil Fidanl?gül helped me about that problem. He is the one who teached me Asp.

What type of content do you have on your website?
Well visitors can find my works in my site and wallpapers I made. They will find more :: Art DJ :: v.6.0 Tutorials, Free Layouts, Best Graphic Sites Links, .Asp Examples (Like My Shoutbox) more Wallpapers.

What's your site's traffic levels like? Give us your average hits/visits statistics?
Well I guess 200 or 250 visitors in a day. After more contents it will be 400 I guess.

Give a brief description of why we should visit your site? What does it offer?
Well I think Art DJ can give you a new vision new ideas about what you can do in Photoshop and Dreamwaver. Example many visitors aked me how did you do something something like that in photoshop can you teach me or can I make something like your shoutbox in .Asp. So they can fin something to learn. New idea for their works.

What is your favorite food?
Nudle, Chicken, Fish.

Favorite videogame?
Tekken, Metal Gear Solid 2 and in emulation NeoGeo, Cps1, Cps2 games, Amiga games.

Favorite artist/band and music genre?
Pop singer "Pink"

Favorite color?

What are your Likes?
Listen music and dancing reading FRP books and play FRP with my friends.

What are your Dislikes?
Liars, Britney Spears, People who stole my works.

Favorite website(s) you visit besides yours and why? I can find other artists works and learn something them.

Who is your host and why have you chose them?
My hosting sponsored by my company. They liked my works. People saw my works and find my company. That’s the reason why they want host my site.

Do you make any money from your site?
Yes I sold 4 graphic works other firms.

Has your site ever been hacked or stolen? If so tell us more:
Nope not yet hacking bur I do not know any content stolen.

How long are you usually online for per day?
2 or 3 ours in home company all day.

Tell us about some of your online activities that you like to do?
Well checking new creations and works find really talented artists and mailed them. Upload my new creations. Find new games for my emulators.

Tell us about some of your offline activities that you like to do?
Book (American Pysco, in Ravenloft Series I’m Shtrad, Black Rose Knight), Diving, Aikido, Meet other people in my business, Manga movies, Spiderman.

What do you think of the website?
Well you can redesign your site in Christmas it will be really good for your fun.

Closing Remark:
Well all I can say i tought web will be everywhere in our cars, in planes... but I wanna do something in web something like windows os. When the peoples get entered my site they can open a showplace, sharing folders, they will use mine chat applications something like that.