Searching for a host!

I have finaly decided to start a .com domain and that cost money and a GOOD host.

I have found this one witch i think is quite cheap but it is Linux and I wonder if there is any difficulties with that (Im running Win) and what do you think/know about the web host?

If you got any other good cheap hosts just tell me or give me a link ;)

I recommend you have a look at or

There you should be able to find some decent deals or some are even free. But as always, I recommend you get a paid host so you can have a reliable hosting with SLA. Once you have this, then you can demand a quality of service.

GoDaddy is one of the best and also I found these Godaddy UK domain name promo codes for a discount, these codes do not expire.
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BRIL3: 30% off .com domain names