Checking up on everybody

Hey guys,

Sorry for my lack of presence around here. Busy life has been taking all my daily hours. In the past 6 months I've switched jobs so many times, finally now that I've settled on one - I can begin to breath again.

So many things have happened I dont know where to begin. Lots of client sites created, our business company is now setup and running, and Im learning a lot in my new job. Held an IT Manager position at a WAP firm in Canary Wharf, London - but it wasnt enjoyable and challenging enough after a while, so now I find myself happy at a financial company near my local area dishing out lots of cash on advertising on a daily basis. Dealing with things like mortgages, loans, credit cards, properties etc.

I havent begun any plans on where to take GfxDiary in 2006. This is mainly down to when the phpBB Team can release the new version of their forum. Its been mayhem down there, psoTFX (the main developer) quit the team and left leaving everybody in a state of shocked. But it wasnt long till they've recruited a few more developers and are now workign faster than ever. Fingers crossed they'll release it this year after a 4 year wait!

Well, this is the update on me. What about everybody else? There are a few loyal members im interested to know whats happening in their life since this is our small gathering place afterall 8)

I havn't been around much either lately. Most of my time has been taken up by college and stuff like that. I did originally start to change Dark Geekus Designs into my portfolio and basic requesting site. I got a friend to help me out with a couple of financial things (site costs, etc), we did originally agree to be more or less equal but everything had to be cleared with me first.
A couple weeks ago I found out he bought a domain ( and accepted a job from his step-brother. And since, out of the two of us, I'm more experienced with graphics he wants me to do most (if not all) of the work. Which has pissed me off majorly and completly thrown everything I had planned out of balance.

I'm planning to finish off this job and have a talk with him.

But apart from that all is great :D.

I'm still about as usual. Nothings changed much. Nothing interesting to report. :)

Nothing at all? I wish my life has a PAUSE button like yours Xeo ;)