Is this really magic?

This is either fake or this guy is made of particles that can go through glass. But if that was possible how did he make his clothes do that too? :lol:

Enjoy this short magic clip:

Wow wtf... I'm baffled. Camera trick?

I know.. i cant figure it out too! The camera clearly kept rolling. But there are a few things that kept me thinking:
1) isnt it funny how he found that large piece of paper in the bin? and that box to stand on?
2) why does the shop door need to be closed?
3) why take off the shoes and socks?

I have seen this before..

When they film him when he take of shoes and socks they prob replace the whole window or something then when he is going trough it there is just a big empty whole behind the paper.

Just a normal day in Usa ;)

So my guess is correct, its a camera trick - the whole clip is specially constructed to be viewed for TV!