Bruce Almighty (2003)

Awesome movie. Jim Carrey is da bomb as always. A must see movie, better than matrix:)

small summary: Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is a whiny TV news reporter whose human-interest stories don't interest him at all. His girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston) loves him despite his negative take on the world. But when Bruce is fired, he asks once again why God has decided to give him so much grief. It turns out that God (Morgan Freeman) is disguised as a janitor and is tired of hearing Bruce's complaints. The almighty offers Bruce his all-encompassing job, giving him absolute power for one week in the hopes of proving to him how tough it is to run the world.

The best part was when Bruce was mad because he did not get the job and said" Back to you fuckers" on live TV.


post your review if you will see this movie.

Just saw the movie... it was really funny. Good to see a bit of Jim Carey comedy after sooo long but i think Dumb & Dumberer is much better :P

The bit i liked the most about Bruce Almighty was the black god. hahaha, the way he was cleaning the floor - that was out of this world :lol:

noxcel wrote:

better than matrix:)

its awesome but nothing is as good as the matrix :)