Macromedia Takes Studio to Version 8

Macromedia has updated its Studio software suite for Web designers, developers, video professionals and graphic artists. Studio 8, which will be available in September, brings together the latest versions of Dreamweaver, Flash Professional and Fireworks in addition to productivity tools Contribute and FlashPaper.

"Studio 8 is a huge leap forward," said Stephen Elop, CEO of Macromedia. "There are tremendous improvements to features and performance allowing designers and developers to build and deliver more expressive and compelling experiences for the Web and devices in less time than ever before."

The Dreamweaver 8 update, which servers as the core of Macromedia's Studio, is the latest release of one of the most popular tools for designing and developing Web sites. New Dreamweaver 8 features include expanded Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) layout visualization for easier design, drag-and-drop integration of XML data feeds and improved code-hinting support.

Flash Professional 8, also part of the Studio update, marks a significant release for Flash, another popular tool for creating interactive Web sites. The update is designed to offer improved graphics performance, new graphic effects capabilities, better animation controls and more complete workflow integration with other video editing and encoding tools.

Also part of the suite is the Fireworks 8 update. Fireworks is used for creating and optimizing lightweight graphics and images for the Web. The latest version of the software offers several new features, including interactive CSS-style pop-up menus and more than 25 new blend modes.

Studio 8 is rounded out by the addition of Contribute 3 and FlashPaper 2, both of which are designed to help optimize workflow. Contribute 3 lets developers modify or update content in a controlled, template-based environment, while FlashPaper 2 is a utility that can convert just about any file type into Web-ready PDF or SWF file formats.

As the backbone of the Flash Platform, Flash Player 8 is a major update to the ubiquitous runtime environment. Flash Player 8, which will ship with the new version of Macromedia Studio, includes a higher-quality video codec, an advanced text-rendering engine and an improved security model. According to Macromedia, Flash Player is currently installed on over 600 million desktops and mobile devices globally.

"The well-integrated tools within Macromedia Studio 8 take advantage of industry-standard technologies, improve workflows, and go a long way toward helping media and web professionals remain productive, profitable, competitive, and successful," said Tom Dwyer, research director at the Yankee Group.

Macromedia Studio 8 is expected to ship in September and will cost US$999 for a full license or $399 for an upgrade.


I cant wait to get my hands on this. I've had major problems with Dreamweaver 7, as surprising as this may sound, Dreamweaver does mess up the code and adds things when opening files. Mostly when its a mix of HTML + PHP!

Very disappointed not even a patch was released to fix this issue. I hope its sorted in the new version :roll:

I suppose the development of this was well underway before the announcement of Adobe's 'little purchase'. It'll be the next release we can hope for Illustrator/Photoshop/ImageReady and Flash/Dreamweaver integration. Personally I'm looking forward to what they do with Photoshop/ImageReady and Dreamweaver!

Maybe its wishful thinking, but im hoping the software engineers at both companies can work something quickly with regards to file formats between the applications. For example on Image Ready: File > Save As > *.swv

Doesnt take much, just need the file type encoding/compression technology used! :roll: