making moving spotlights

hey there, i am working on an intro for an animation, and i would like to know how to make spotlights shine on something and then around it. So far i made a gradient move with a motion tween and a white circle at the bottom of it. how would i make an object shine with the spotlight on it?

i know that tutorial noxcel, but thanks anyways for the gesture. There was a tutorial back in the day on a site called VTC where the author explained that in his animation spotlights would come on and make some sort of presentation before the animation started sorta of like an a 3 second intro. However what i want to do is make those spotlights look as realistic as possible moving around. perhaps something less complicated then this.


you did try asking at ?
if not try it :)

yes i have, but does anybody have a clue?

You can make that spotlight circle's layer above (in front of) other objects. Give it brightness property either through Action Script or another possibility is to colour it white and give it 50% alpha. That way when it moves over darker objects they appear to look brighter. :idea:

I havent really tried this myself, but just giving you ideas here!

thanks Bio, i think that should work, i'll give it a try. I haven't thought of that. Anyone else wanna throw me some ideas?

No problem, let me know if it did the trick!

i found out how to do it. I remembered it was on a site I use to visit a long time ago called VTC. I went to Flash 5 techinques and bam, got it. The author is a very skillful animator. I saw how he did it and voila. Thanks for your help though.

noxcel wrote: ?
yes, no?
good luck

Always wondered how to do this, just never enough to find out. But now... *bookmarks page*

Thanks :D