Court Calls for Clearer Internet Laws

The Supreme Court of Canada is calling for clearer laws against Internet crime after finding a man not guilty for selling bomb-making instructions.
The court ordered the man to face a new trial on charges of selling instructions on how to commit credit-card fraud on his Web site but ruled the nab was not guilty of any crime for selling bomb-making instructions as part of the same package, the Globe and Mail reported.

"The Internet provides fertile ground for sowing the seeds of unlawful conduct on a borderless scale. And, at the hearing of the appeal, Crown counsel expressed with eloquence and conviction the urgent need for an appropriate prophylactic response," said Justice Morris Fish on behalf of the 6-3 majority. "In my view, however, this task must be left to Parliament."

The court is asking Parliament to determine when it is illegal to transmit things such as bomb-making instructions through cyberspace, and whether the simple posting of information is a crime, legal experts told the newspaper.

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