Writing animation, recreating the eScribe technologies effct

hey everyone hows it going. iam working on an animation project that in my eyes is quite sophisticated. ok first of all, we all know of the infamous eScribe technologies tutorial


ok, the exquisite well done effect is given that it looks very profesional. But what puzzels me is how would i do that and use a different object to write the letters down instead of the fountain pen doing it and the tricky part; making that specific object write down the letters to a certain word right side up not in a perspective way as it was done in the animation.

so does anyone hopefully have a solution to that? i sure hope so

here is wat i tried out. Made each indivdual letter a movie clip and the object which is a white arrow in my case, go over it in a guide layer using alpha's to tweek it in and out until the letter appears but i was not successful what so ever.

please help me....

I've had a quick look at the tutorial, its not written in huge detail to avoid the famous spoon feeding phenomenon. But it does give the basics behind the technique. Now to your questions: about the pen object, indeed it can be any object, so long as you define the tip (indicated by the red cross at the top of the pen object). Also regarding the "perspective text" thats what the tutorial decided to use. If you want another angle then its fully upto you, use Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw or whatever vector app you feel comfortable with, and generate the right 3D angle of your work then take it to flash and continue following the tutorial. Of course, you will have to experiment, thats what the tutorial expects of you. Any technical questions can always be directed at the tutorial author: [email protected]

so all ur saying is that I need to follow the tutorial more effiecently in order to achieve the effect? anyways the site is down for that and i already tried to email the author but was unsuccessful. So I guess the only thing left to do is expirement like u said. Thanks a lot BioALIEN.