hey guys,

i've recently been finishing off my site which consists of news, forum, downloads, gallery archives, challenges etc..

It is made from PHP/MySQL, CSS, HTML, Javascript from scratch. Some may call it a CMS?

it's not completely finished at the moment as i have just recently attempted a recode/re design to clean it up a bit.

View: dynamicz.org

some constructive criticism/suggestions/comments/flames?

Impressive site both in terms of structure and the backend. I like the way you've organised the content and kept everything clean. Lite on the gfx and good on the content!

One small interface bug: the cell containing "MY USER PANEL" heading needs to stretch to match the width of the right panel of your layout. On IE6 it doesnt follow the same style as the cell containing the "INTERACTIVE" heading.

Nice colour scheme, keep up the good work!

I like it. Not overdone on graphics. Very tidy, clean and professional looking. I love the colour scheme, works very well. On the whole, fantastic job I'd say.

Only tiny thing which bothers me is the small rounded corners of the layout, nice touch, just I wish they were more anti-aliased - I don't like seeing the pixels like it is at the moment. I appreciate its harder to do, as gif doesnt support translucencies and IE wont display transparent png... but perhaps you could work something out with jpg?