Here one of the versions of a new portfolio site (mine =) )
The yellow thing will be totally animated with water effect/ 3d things etc.

Looks great so far! Good work. Only one suggestion is that, what I presume is TV static fuzz could look a bit better. I think maybe the noise is too irregular, maybe if it were a little more...regular. Also, I don't know if you plan this, but that fuzz could be animated too - would add a lot and take not much to make? Keep it up and keep us up to date on progress.

By-the-way: I'm so sorry, I haven't forgot about our battle, just busy with life etc. Will get down to it soon! :)

Thanks, yeah, I want to make this...noise animated, but it's not the final version. When me, my hommie-flasher pass all exams we will work on it. But even now the work is going on: I won the site contest and get 2GB free hosting :P, almost made the deisgn, my friend began working on ambient music and sounds so soon I'll show the final var.

I've got some questions:
1) what do you think about flash sites? I mean sites completely made in flash...
2) what size is not 2 much for flash
3) ambient sound is good or bad?

Don't worry about the battle. Take your time... I know what means BUSY =) Have to do 2 sites 2 reDesigns 2 logos, help my friend to make site of our group (at uni), my own site and 1 skin for a new CMS, and I don't mention my exams, frns, country house, and so on. Somebody shoot me :lol:

hehe, you sound like you have a lot on - busy blaze! :P

Anyway, in answer to your questions:

1) Generally I prefer hybrids. Or even just the use of flash to replace and...enhance animated gifs. But, I don't mind the occasional fully flash site if it can justify itself for being so. What I mean is, if its fully flash it must have a good reason to be.

2) You mean filesize and loading times? It's really tricky to say, guess it depends on who's your main audience, the majority of your visitors. I have 2mb line and even when I do need to wait a while for flash to load, if its worth it, I don't mind at all. I think I'm pretty easy going on load times. I'd never advise to let it (filesize) be a cap on creativity - Just go with what you want and watch your 'weight' whenever you can.

3) YEAH, on the whole really good. Effective if used well to really bring a 'feel' about your site. Saying this, there MUST be a on/off button which is easy to find. Downsides of music is if the visitors have their own music playing already. But definitely go for it, just try keep it a looping drone or something which can be looped effectively as audio can easily crank up the filesize.

Nice concept, looking good so far but it'll all depend on how you implement it, slice it, and code it ;)

With regards to your flash questions, if you intend to have bg sound I recommend you go for ambient loops. They're small in size, loop a lot and visitors hardly notice this fact. What i've done on Biomutation is give the option to play music but dont make it automatically switch on (part of the site). This saves bandwidth, loading time and annoyance for regular visitors.

I also dont recommend you make sites 100% flash because you'll lose out on search engine traffic - so you cant spread yourself and market the name/business. If you MUST go down that path (as sometimes eye candy is more important than long term success) then I advise you to take advantage of flash and its use of XML or plugin files, so you can separate your news, portfolio and images outside the main flash files... sort of like a database :)

thx, bio. Flash movie(the yellow thing) is done on 40%, already find nice loop, the rest text-flash (like the database :) ) on 0% but when my frnd come back we'll continue our work.

I think to turn on loop automaticly cause suits the animation v. much, when comes some raspy sound we have the animation of wave trambling. I think it looks cool. One thing i hate is that i had to listen to this loop hundred times during scene correction =) Here comes another question: how to make the sound various? add some sounds to the loop and make a good music with them? - it's too complicated, use bigger track? - it'll be much hevier, so what to do?

As for database i decided to use txt files, applied to flash, where will be all text info.

Good, so you're taking advantage of flash's fake database abilities hehe. That way you just update the text files to update the site ;)

About the sound, you can have multiple sound files and each time you come to the site a random file will be selected and played automatically :idea:

You genius! =) I'll make several loops! Do u know the script (action script) which choose loops randomly?

Not from the top of my head: just search for any script that selects a random number. Save your files as numbers (then add the extension of the file) and it should do the trick ;)


Thx, I'll try...