new european art forum searching for help

hi every body
i am writing here to tell you that a new forum for european artist has launched please come and check it here :D

scroll down to view the announcement :wink:

Nice name, I like the header font :)

Goodluck with the site!

Seems kinda pointless making websites specifically for an area of the world, since the whole point of the internet is that it's worldwide.

aint this more a sitecheck? :P

Yeah, good point SE :) - moved


thx for replies

The site is running fine. but we need some help to get it working even better.

who we are searching for?
- artists(to show and promote their art)
-translators from all the 25 eu members (to translate small news)
-moderators from all the 25 eu members(for themoderation of the forums)
-writers (to write articles )
-programmers php,mysql...(to improve the site functionalities)

for more info go european artists community
to contact me do it here

have a nice day :D :wink: