Holiday Plans

Just wondering whats everyone's holiday plans this summer/year?

I've just finished uni, waiting for my graduation results. Hardly been online - just out partying hehe. For me, education ends here - now time to start the working life.

Possibly either go Europe or Asia for holiday this year...

Whats on your schedule? :roll:

Sitting with my exams till 5 July =( Then - work. Don't know if I'll find time for holidays... :sad:

~Break-up from college within the next few weeks.
~13th - 20th July, will be in Ibiza with my cousin; Matt (Elsparrow).
~The rest of the time I will do some part time work, chill out and get my website up.

I've been applying for jobs, today I had this graduate fair I was supposed to go to. I got lost and ended up inside a private Microsoft party - invites only.

I really have no idea how I managed to get inside.. but it was packed with Microsoft employees and lots of talented IT people were there. SQL server 2005 was VERY high on the agenda, along with the showcasing of Longhorn, latest PDA devices and other hightech digital accessories by Microsoft.

I couldnt attend any seminars, I was scared enough as it is being an outsider in there. I did manage to grab a really nice FREE lunch pack from them and got the hell out of there before anybody noticed. Just goes to show, if you have confidence you can get your way inside anywhere - power of the tongue :P

Anyway, managed to reach the graduate fair (which is where im supposed to be) and had talks with lots of big names (microsoft, ibm, accenture, bloomberg..) gave out my CV and and made a few contacts to help me get through the screening process.

One word - job hunting is tough but kinda exciting in a way!

ROFL Bio... was the lunch pack nice? Everything tastes better when its free! :D

Ideally, I want to get a summer job in somewhere like a print shop or publishers. Figured it would be interesting.

The lunch pack was damn nice.. with MS even the food is hightech, from the wrapping paper to the presentation of it hehe :lol:

Sorry for the long absence. I just returned from Malaysia & Singapore, it was great. The food, the atmosphere, the life, the people!

As promised, I'll get the photos posted once I get a chance to settle down.

Nice to have you back :P

Welcome :lol:

So, what's everybody been upto? Give the update on your personal/professional life :)

Sat here and did sod-all > Went on holiday to Ibiza for 1 week, (Cream at Amnesia (Paul van Dyk live), Dusted at EDEN, Manumission at Privilege (Biggest nightclub on earth, 15,000 people), Armarda at Amnesia (Armin van Buuren live!!!)) > Got back and sat here and did sod-all again :P

But, I have decided from today onward to get productive. I have some coursework to do, I will look for some hours at a part time job and it looks like I have a website to do for a client (which is good news). Also if I get time, I plan to work on my site also.

Wow sounds like you had so much fun! How does clubbing at Privilege feels like? Thats like more people than my entire university put together!

My plans for now is to find a job cos life here is VERY boring! Only thing to keep my busy is FS2006 and possibly GfxDiary 2006! But I need regular income like everybody else hehe :)

Privilege... too big! Way too big. No atmosphere, hot and smelly. I didn't like the music much there AND to add to that, I was completely sober! The alcohol had warn off by time I got in. Amnesia was much, much nicer.