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I would like to ask you all about my new design for personal page

The whole work is done by me including the photo that is behind word "Kelmas". There is a small piece of Nida's beauty (Nida is a very nice plade in Lithuania, search for it's pictures, I recommend :wink: ).

Design is simple, minimalistic and light. You can ask - and where's the content?! Ummm... At the moment I'm in my exams, so basically no time for developing, but you can see a counter on the site that shows my current age in seconds. Nice, huh? :) And also, you can see what time it is at Lithuania.

Now your comments, ideas, thoughts please :wink:

Nice and simplistic, I like the way you built the whole page on a Google Ad ;)

One thing that confused me was the top links. I thought they were all links to other areas of the site? Hope your exams go well and lets see some more development :idea:

Well yes, the words you see at the top separated with "|" will be links to other site areas. But in very near future :wink:

Actually I didn't build the page as you say "on Google ad", it just happened accidentaly - I have put 468x60 banner only couple days ago and then thought "oh, if fits just perfect!" :)

Well, it works, it’s functional, and the navigation seems fine also. However, I will be brutally honest - it is defiantly lacking some zest and although, some might say, well designed in terms of functionality, the design is somewhat …boring in other respects.

You can keep it simple and ‘low-fat’ without being so bog-standard. The way I see it; there is a thin line between basic/standard and simplistic/minimalist. Sure, a simple little site has less of a ‘wow’ factor - As to Joe-average; fat, glowing, sparkling, glossy buttons and heavy metallic GUI certainly taints ones perception of a ‘good’, or, at least attractive website.

I don’t know, maybe it just needs to be a little more exciting. Well, for starters, get rid of both the bevel on the ‘K’ and the inner drop shadow thing on the ‘elmas’ of ‘Kelmas’. They definitely don’t make it more exciting. One of those layer styles is bad enough on its own, but two! :| - Just my opinion.

Overall, it could be a lot worse, so good effort. :)

Xeophex, thank you for strong arguments. Please check my logo now (I changed effects) :wink:

Definitely better! :)

Think about colors. I think this blue text doesn't fit the green grass photo. :idea:

Oh, an btw nice site. Too small maybe but nice :)

Looks a little better now. The main link on the navigation is index.kel leading to a broken page. Also, why dont you think about a nice simplistic background to the page to make it stand out or to minimise the emptiness of the site. Theres a difference between EMPTY and SIMPLE ;)

- adding tv scanlines to your front page photo?
- adding roll over colour version of the photo or elements of the site?
- making URL links visibly clearly so they dont follow the standard content text
- get rid of the "< back to homepage" link and make the "gytis repečka" or header image a permanent link to the homepage

Hope these help in your future considerations

Thank you! :) I'll make the improvements and let you know when they're done ;)