Complicated Design Jargon

Dont you just hate it when you've been in this industry for so long, and you're trying to read a text book and all what the author is trying to do is slap you with some complicated design jargon?

One of my university projects is about POV Ray: persistance of vision

Im trying to read the notes, its rather simple, but every now and again the lecturer wants to establish that he's better than us, and he knows more. Hitting us with words like: perturbed, interpolation and onerous.

Ok there are other ways to explain it hehe but thats a little over the top :lol: Either way, I gotta learn those with a whole load of others for my exams. Expect me to be out of action for the next 2 weeks.

In the mean while here is a good dictionary to use to stay in touch with the "underground": :arrow:

Just got back to my room after a hard study session in the lab. Studying Computer Graphics with POV (persistance of vision) and OpenGL. So many definitions to learn.. anyway, i got back to my flat and the kitchen was so messy it was chaos.

Anyway, heres a small tutorial on university level Computer Graphics teaching you how to cook fried eggs:

Step 1: rotate the wok 90 degrees on the x co-ordinates.. then translate it to the hob...
Step 2: perturb the eggs and project them onto the wok using depth coherence
Step 3: using homogeneous coordinates, pour oil onto the eggs making sure there is no mach banding
Step 4: emit ray tracing rays to light up the surfaces inside the wok
Step 5: initiate the z-buffer on the wok, increasing and decreasing the z co-ordinates respectively to stirr the eggs
Step 6: now that the eggs are done, you need to shift them to the plate.. this is best achieved either using an animation.ani or using OpenGL's push/pop matrix framework

I would recommend you carry out the last step using affine projection's axonometrix approach so you can render the different angles of the food to see if its cooked before you eat it.

Have a nice meal :twisted:
Anybody comfortable with the above is more than welcome to write a tutorial for preparing the toast to go with the eggs.

Maybe that is suposed to be funny :P
I wouldn'd know because it all looks like nothing to me.

...I know what interpolation means though :D

Well that Computer Graphics exam is now over, so I guess you shouldnt worry about the stuff above hehe. Its just an example of the way our notes are written. It is so damn confusing!

Man, you don't better know what do we have on RTCS (Radio Technic Chains and Signals)! Sometimes I think that teacher just opens his mouth and some strange chineese words coming from somewhere... :)