I challenge you to a duel!

Any one up for a battle (blaze?), we can arrange something interesting - Maybe some tennis?

Anytime from next week is good for me. No rush with it.

Always ready! Tennis?! Ok, post size and theme here...

Good, good Blaze. Right then, lets each take it in turns to make an image. In the end it will be like a short mural thingy. Not doing .jpg or .psd exchange, however, feel free to use certain elements (in moderation), from the previous image(s) to carry and flow it along. Ask if you really need the .psd, but otherwise, just use the Jpegs.

.// Theme: digital abstract/tech/futuristic/trendwhore – (Any confusion about this ‘theme’, then just ask here).

.// 900px width

.// 400px height

.// 100px ‘blending’ space on each image, so 200px in total for the ‘transition’. Simple feathering in to each other is fine, although try a few other interesting ways of transition if you feel like it. But, for now, just concentrate on making your image, post it, then one of us will do the ‘blending’ afterward, to start off with.

.// Use any programs you like, 3D apps, vector apps, raster apps - Up to you, but using a hybrid is encouraged.

.// All your own work - No stock photography, no render packs, no brush packs, no tech 2D stamp brush set bollocks. None of that crap. However, stock photography of photographic textures for use in 3D apps (bump-mapping etc) and downloaded materials for 3D apps is aloud.

.// Save as 72dpi, maximum quality Jpeg.

.// As many rounds as we like. Maybe two, maybe eight - No need to decide yet.

.// No rushing or chivvying, this is slow going, chilled out, friendly battle/collaboration mural thingy.

.// If anyone else, other than me and blaze want to join in, you’re more than welcome, in fact encouraged, just let us know in this thread and be sure to consider the theme and rules when creating your image.

.// I’ll serve (start off), but got exams until next Wednesday (18th), so won't start on it until then as prep work to do.


May I enter first? I've made one, I don't know if it trendwhore, but defenitely abstract =)

Yeah ok, if you like - go for it. :)

nice one blaze, i really like the lightning effects and the dust, good start

Thx, dude! =)

I guess the first piece is all about defining the style of the battle. Looks really good so far. Lets see what Xeophex replies with?

Nice start Blaze. Tomoro night or wednesday I will do mine. :D

Hmm, I had to finish off more coursework than I anticipated. Sorry, I will get to it as soon as possible - This battle will get underway! Bear with me. :D