Just another site by BlaZe

Here it is. Please post some comments about design and about the text in the site. That's my dream about design in future:

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2 the point: to get design battles to cybersport level...

p.s.: All nicknames, clans and countries were chosen randomly (almost :roll: )

I really like the site design, good job there. As for the content, is this just a hypothetical idea, or are you going to set this idea in motion?...

I can't do this myself. This needs huge php work. But design, some kind of advertisement and maybe some small financial support I can handle...

This is a very interesting idea. Takes us back to SE's Battle Olympics concept if you remember? I suggest you check out www.bluesfear.com as it employs a similar system in terms of encouraging graphics battles.

I have given thought about GfxDiary's way to generate more artwork and provide more battles on the site, but you will have to wait for 2006 or later for the concept. ;)

Anyway, back to the topic, the design is alright, but I would make it more commercial in terms of layout arrangement/structure. Since this will be used by designers to battle different forms of artwork, you cant base your site layout on one group of audience. It would be wise to have different skins to suit the different user groups. :idea:

In terms of concept, I like it - but it will require some good scripting and databasing skills to keep everything upto date (stats, users, battles, entries, wins etc). You can either take your time and slowly develop this project. Or you can be ambitious, and go find somebody who is willing to partner up with you (as I done with Thomas). Frankly, working on a site is no longer fun for me unless I have a few people involved!

The internet generally has its DeviantArt famous for leading the "Graphics" scene. However, there is no real leader in the Graphics Battles/Arena - so its still an open market with areas to expand on such as Flash battles, 3D battles and who knows.. even music battles and programming battles?

2006?! It's tooo long (it wouldn't be so long if f.e. sometimes we'll get new info about the concept: design, system, screenshots(like during a new game waiting) :) ) :(. Btw where is Rick (SE) with his project? Heard the battleforome is active again but it still not working proper.

One of the main aspects to think about is battle process itself. I wounder who will choose the winner? All the members or special judges? I think voting will not work proper cause of friend(team) voting..

About design and idea: I made this site just in case and I don't think that they suits each other.

Made some ltl changes...

As far as I know, SE did manage to get his website back online but lost some of his database. Not sure how much. From what I know he is developing version 2 of the site right now.

About voting.. this will be tricky. What I thought about GfxDiary's concept of battle systems would be to allow members only to vote to decide the winner. However, users must have at least xx number of posts to make sure there is no cheating going on where members register new accounts and vote for themself!

I wouldnt look forward to our system just yet, Im taking a year out to travel so I doubt I will have time to develop anything. It all depends on how much Internet access I have during my trip. But its always nice to slip in a little bit of info here and there.

For your concept, you might want to think about some of the things I have said above and my previous post in this topic :)

Wow, the design really rocks! Congratulations, man! ;)

Thx, man, but i think this idea will die... :(