Needs Help on Photoshop (slicing tool).

Hi, i am curious if anyone is interested in helping me slicing a design to form a template. Ive been slicing for a long time now but i dont seem to get the alignments right for what i need. If anyone is kind enough to show me guides, or tuts and anyone on these forums willing to help me physically? That would be soooo great. please contact me.


Thank you for your time.

Post it here, we'll see what you need to do...

I don't use photoshop to slice. But if you are using tables, I may be able to suggest something. As Blaze said; post it here.

I would love to post the image here. But too many will see and ripp it. May i ask for private assistance? If so, that will be great. :D

Watermark it? - well anyway, im sure anyone will privalty help you. Hit someone up on msn.

Its only an image, if you're this paranoid about posting the image (non-sliced) version what do you think about the final version when its launched online :idea: