Beta of TouchCAD 3.5 Modeling and Unfolding App Available

Lundström Design's TouchCAD free-form 3D modeling and unfolding program adds new image unfolding capabilities.

While CAD programs are commonplace enough, TouchCAD provides an unusual focus on generating complex 3D shapes and converting them into physically buildable models. It's often employed in marine design and the production of soft objects such as tents, awnings and inflatable objects, as well as for reverse-engineering existing items. The unfolding engine is said to contain parametric features for dividing surfaces into suitable units that fit into the given material width, as well as providing such features as seam allowances, panel numbering and alignment marks.

A free public beta of version 3.5 for Mac and Windows is now available, featuring new image unfolding, support for stretch unfold calculations and an improved user interface. The beta can be downloaded on the Lundström Design site.