Any suggestions for my site?

Hey guys can anyone give me some tips on my site like what to make better or how to get more clicks and people on my site and forums? Im struggling with members for my forums :( please help me :)

Oh start up forums are a nightmare to get going. In fact even established ones. The hardest job for any forum admin is to get activity going and keep this activity on topic and within rules. My only tip for you is to spread your link as far and wide on the internet as possible.

Yes that is true. But some forums dont have the advertising option. What are some tips in spreading the word around?

My advice is; don’t bother - the amount of beginners I’ve spoken to who want to run their own community. None of them ever go anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not purposely trying to be all negative. If you want to persevere and keep advertising, by all means, carry on – I’m just being realistic.
If you want to go about it, the quickest way is to stop thinking about it for now, take part in many communities, teach yourself programs and become established. Keep getting better. Make yourself a really cool portfolio website. Once your name (or nick) is out and about a bit, and you have a nice big flow of visitors to your ‘cool’ website, then you could try launching a forum. Of course first members will all be nubish fanboys, but at least its members. Once you have numbers more people will join and it will slowly, slowly be seen as a community rather than just some egotistical graphics guy with a forum board on his personal site. Anyway, that’s the way I see it. Failing that, you could pay people to sign up :P

As for tips on spreading word around/getting more hits... pretend you’re a hot teenage girl. Put a cute girl in your avatar/sigs etc. lol

thanks for the great info. Ok now as for my site, Is it my site a good layout? and is there any changes that i need to do to it?

Is site a good layout?
Structure wise its well organised following a nice arrangement.
Content wise, it seems good since you have tutorials and all the right sections to make it a complete site.
Design wise, its very uneven, the colours need more balance. Maybe a different theme or colour scheme. It could also be the contrast of text and interface images.

Any changes that i need to make?
Yes many changes needed to get the site to a level where you can demand visitors to register in order to view its content. Firstly, fix all the JavaScript bugs - it is very annoying and immediatly stopping any of your visitors to stay for a long duration. Secondly, why do you have a preloader which take you to a splash screen where visitors choose where to go? Doesnt that defeat the purpose of a preloader? What if you're preloading images for your site and the visitors decides they want to go to the forum instead? Do you see where im going with this? Its better to combine the two and if the user doesnt select a destination he/she is automatically redirected to one of them!

This is a matter of personal opinion, but I dont think you should force users to register. At least not until you establish yourself and then have the power to decide such action. Otherwise, visitors will be unable to see the tutorials and run away to another big tutorial site instead.

Yea, I say goodbye to places that force you to register. I’ve registered in enough places over the internet already thanks.

There are things that make a good site and things that make a 'cool' site. What I meant in my last post was make a 'cool' site. That would most likely entail some selling out - tech style, heavy flash, music, etc, etc, you know the score. Some nice eye candy to draw attention. Unless you take the other route and make it the artwork your portfolio to be the main of interest.

You will notice that established, well know graphic designers that have been around a while all have really simple, basic websites. Even thought they are capable of having something MUCH …better, they choose not to. No doubt they have been in the days of having a kickass portfolio site. Firm/studio websites on the other hand, they seem to always be quite attractive, glossy and overdone sites.

So what I’m saying is, unless your well established, a simple and functional, yet nicely designed site won’t do the trick. Of course, there is nothing wrong in having this, I’m just talking about the last post of mine and generating pageviews etc in order to open up a forum of something.

To back up Xeophex's point, I can tell you that most of the GfxDiary members came across this place through my portfolio Biomutatation. Traffic stats comparing the two places are 60% GfxDiary 40% Biomutation. ;)

How do u like my site now :D i made it more sleeker and not so compact, comments plzz :D and i basicly transformed it to my portfolio site, just goota make some art now :D

What is that thing suposed to be on the splash/entrance/preloading page? Some kind of orb? Well whatever it is, I don't like thoes jaggies.

lol yea i know the splash page is hard for me, i dont know what to make :P

Well, why do you need to have a splash anyway?...

lmao u know i dont know why, just to make it look kewl to enter i guess. :D

Dont think kewl, think purpose/functionality. If it doesnt serve a purpose get rid of it!

BioALIEN wrote:

Dont think kewl, think purpose/functionality. If it doesnt serve a purpose get rid of it!

What a great piece of advice.