Here one of my variants. The top part will be totally animated. Please say something...

Oh, and affilates were chosen randomly...

The concept looks great. The stye is near perfect but a few things come to mind with the arrangment:
1) will this be a fixed layout or a fluid layout?
2) why are you having a submenu under the header when you have a menu on the right of the header? You can make those links Quick Links to popular destinations on your site :idea: They do need to be made more visible if you want people to click them too!
3) I would imagine that header will be changable? Different backgrounds will replace the top header? If not then at least only the image on the left?
4) Wouldnt it be more constructive if you take out those affiliate links about place them right at the bottom of the layout? That way you can have the "Link to us" logo next to the "+ FORETO-DESIGN" link at the footer. Look at the bottom banners on GfxDiary and you'll see what I mean.
5) Although I can see arrows showing scrolling, are you planning to use a JS script to handle this task or iFrames?

Keep up the good work!

=) Thx...

1) Layout's width will be constant
2) It's not a sub menu, it's the main non flash menu... It's a good idea bout visibility.
3) No we will change the header not often. It will be animated with some blinking and falling stars and maybe with some light flashes...
4) ok i'll try
5) Honestly I don't know :) I just like the look of this arrows :) I think about 3 decisions: 1. to make iFrame with jscript 2. to make the heigth variable but to keep the arrows as just an images 3. Remove the arrows (but i don't want do this)

Btw, Bio, do you know some coders who can make a very simple engine or to change the free one not very expensive or maybe even for free advertisement, for free banners/websites/logos/renders/artworks (from me), and for respect :roll: Cause i am totally noob in php :oops: :cry:

I would suggest Thomas but as he stated, he doesnt like working behind the scene:

Your best bet is to try and if you get stuck open up a topic in the Programming Forum and we'll try answer it. It shouldnt be very hard, you'll mainly be using the include() function to attach the files together to start off with. Then as the site gets popular and bigger you can think about making it a dynamic database driven site!

ok...I guess I have to take a long journey of php studing or to find smb. else :cry:

No viewable for me, i wanted to take a look at this great concept lol ...

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