Looking for cuter

I am looking for a man on he work to my web studio. U will cut templets and write the whole HTML script withall tags and etc. To get in u need to show your skills of HTML'ing. Also requried if u cn programm on Java, PHP this will make your position in the team much better.
Leave posts here.

It's a good idea but i think right now we need a good programmer. I can cut templets and do all this stuff. And my HTML skills you know already. Or do u plan to get rid of me? :evil:

I plan to wise the staff of our group. Cause i am planing to do a lot of design stuff.

Good decision but i think i'll handle it for the first time. Of course after this damned exams! Maybe i got too angry! Sorry, pal! :) Good cutters will need us, maybe not now but will be need.

Anyway it is better to watch for it before we get problems. cuas ei found a good perspective in our city

Why didn't you tell me? It's a good news! I am tired to sit and do nothing. Soon i will give all my time to design. I have been waiting for a long time. I need work!!! :)

Had no time dude.

business dealing with designing templates will never be very a success on the internet. There are many reasons:
- People like free stuff, never want to pay for things...
- People like stealing artwork/templates rather than pay for them...
- Your business will never reach the likes of "Template Monster" and all the already established "Big Boys" of the internet...

I know all this because i was tempted to start a template business but when i read about it from all different sides, i decided to pull out...

LOL dude it is not about templates selling. I mean cuting templates for real projects.

You know man, i am always in! :)

i can cut templates and i know html...i no next to nothing....no, make that nothing, about php. i tried to learn once but i don't have a php server to learn on so i scrapped the idea. i'd be happy to help out, but i'd understand if u want to turn me down. w/e, just tryin to help.

Send one of your works on my e-mail: [email protected] (with images will be better). I'll check your code, tagging style etc.