I started the site OpenPost.NET last January, and the site is slowly growing. It's a community based around a phpBB forum for entertainment and discussion covering a variety of topics.

I plan to do a major update this weekend to fix some things, and I'm hoping to get productive criticism on ways I can improve the site in any way, even if it means completely restructuring.

Also, I realize that a lot of people are turned off by dark templates. I plan on switching over to a white/orange base eventually to attract a wider range of people.

So like I said, I'm basicly looking for in-depth suggestions to improve the site in any way, content and visual.

And a last question: How do I get SE to crawl my forum's posts and topics? They don't seem to be indexed, but my mainpages are.


First of all welcome to GfxDiary ;)

Before I begin suggestions for your design, I'd like to remind you to update your phpBB installation to the latest patched security exploits found in your current version (phpBB2.0.11)!

Layout wise, its not bad at all, the structure is there, the theme is there. What the site needs is little tweaks with your text and links so that they fit the backgrounds better. At the moment it is a little hard on the eyes. As you've suggested, giving it a little more brightness would definatly improve the site.

About search engines crawling your forum's posts, there are many MODs to optimise your forum. Things like mod-rewrite, htaccess or an archive page for search engines to chew on! Remember to backup your forum and database before you carry out any changes ;)

I like the design too, just try to blend the top graphic's light gray the the rest of the site's dark gray, since there is such a difference in hue. i guess you could try adding dark gray trims to the graphic.
otherwise its really cool

i also like the dark gray + orange mix, reminds me of the half-life 2 theme

Heh i managed to find the way to your website before :) Did you ever post a link to it on devart ?

What comes to a design, i dont really like dark gray color ... update the phpbb btw !

Thanks for the feedback. It's been a while since I last visited and the site's changed a lot since I posted this. :)