Music Industry

Well, after a long time doing graphics i've felt the need to switch to the music scene. I've always been fascinated with music, it plays in my room 24/7 day and night. My friends know if im at home through my music whether its playing or not.

Anyway, this does not mean i've retired from graphics or web development, it simply signals that im bored of this and is now seeking new challenges. I hate programming - so theres not many areas for me to go into. 3D, flash, music and application skinning is the only alternatives i can turn to. However, with music I can actually use it in all the directions mentioned above.

Went ahead and downloaded a demo of FL Studio and started making my beats. Recorded a small 7sec vocals dissing my brother and sister and taken this into FL Studio and created a mini 20 sec intro.

However, as a sign of respect for my brother and sister, i will not publish this diss here. I have sent it to a few people to listen to online :lol:

Could this evolve to an entire music album? :o only time will tell, but one thing is for sure... its easier making a diss than actually writing lyrics and making a full song! :twisted:

Heh i guess every beginning rapper begins from FrootyLoops and many people keep using it for a long time. I prefered to use Acid for final work with laying the rhytme on beat. Also i used Sonic Foundry pre-made beats, concentrating on the whole Rhytme.

I guess you have choosen the really wrong path man, since it is extremely hard to break into the market, lets say it is impossible if you dont represent something unique like Roots Manuva ( he is from UK ) mixed with a good managment and much luck.

But it is your life and your right to decide.

Oh you understood me wrong :)

Of course im not trying to become part of the music industry, i just wanted to posess the skills so that later on in life i can produce my own music for my animations/websites/flash projects.

FrootyLoops is alright, much respected even though its considered the Cinema4D equivalent to the gfx market. Fighting the likes of Acid, Cake Walk, Q Base etc

I played with it 2 years ago, but this time Im going full out till i get my way around it. I've never seen so many dialogues in one compact application before :?

Heh i am trying a turntablism now :) know one DJ, who gives me some tricks&tips lessons on that, damn i's really interesting ...


I played with it 2 years ago, but this time Im going full out till i get my way around it. I've never seen so many dialogues in one compact application before

Damn man, in 2 years you could reach a pro-level :)

Good idea Bio. I’ve always thought that making music is more creative than creating an image. I tried FL Studio for a bit. Seems like a lot to learn, but the same goes for most programs when you first start out I guess. As far as I know, Fruity does server its purposes, but is good when used in conjunction with other audio software... But that’s for trance music at least.
Ever tried “Reason”?...


Ever tried “Reason”?...

Nope, tell me about it, never heard of it before.

Reason is great for electronic music. The great mix of software is : Reason+Acid+Cubase+Logic ...

:shock: it will take at least a year to learn each one of those. 5 years to actually walk away with the confidence to produce anything with them. Im not that comitted, I dont think I have the patience!

You can practise during your normal life, just liek Paul Oakenfold was a cook and rushed into Dj-scene just some years ago ;)