Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1

The first Service Pack for W Server 2003 was in test mode for 18 months - almost from the day M$ released OS on the market. Serivce Pack contains many good updates concerning the protection. The full list of changes can be found here the SP himself can be downloaded from here. Size = 345 mb.

Looks like I have to update my Win2003 :( I hate windows updates - always makes the OS go backwards and slows it down!

For me updating M$ OS is something i wait much, to test and test it :) and my XP runs faster with every SP :D

I was forced to do a SP2 on my WinXp because it was so rubbish and I was about to format it. Luckily somehow the SP2 changed so many files that it became almost a new OS.

But there is no denying that Windows Updates is so rubbish. The more updates you make the more bugs and slower the PC gets. I cant wait for Longhorn I had enough of these PC problems!

Longhorn wont solve your problems my friend, remmber it is being released by M$ and i dont like the fact, that all the files sent by me will be tracked and if i send an MP3 i will get 7 years (like one student got for keeping 2 mpeg4 movies) ... it is just insane ! but gladly i will have enought founds to buy myself a licensed version of LOnghorn :)

Dont worry about that. Clever people out there will make sure MS doesnt try to track files authors/sources. As its also a breach of privacy - and if it never gets fixed then I'll be sure to set up two boxes, one with WinXP for the filesharing and one with Longhorn for work 8)

The fact is, nobody can stop filesharing. Its a powerful new internet phenomenon!

It is not a phenomenon, but also a good way to earn money.

People dont fileshare to earn money. Its the people who try to control it do this by placing adverts etc.

Oh yes they do ! 1 $ for an acess to movie download ! :) good speed, good admins :D