Google Search Enhanced for Firefox

Google lately announced that browsing Google with FireFox and other Mozilla based browsers becomes faster. Google has started using prefetching to start downloading top results even before the user clicks on them. This allows the user to view search results faster. Prefetching is not available on Internet Explorer and other non-mozilla browsers. Google help adds that prefetching could end up with cookies from unvisited sites and provides Firefox settings to disable it.

This is a good topic to ask this question:
What do you guys think of Google vs MSN vs Yahoo?
What do you guys think of FireFox vs IE?

I have some hateful posting to do here, let me hear what you have to say before I lash out :twisted:

Hehe well here what i got in mind :

1. What do you guys think of Google vs MSN vs Yahoo?

Yahoo is drawning, Google is the best search engine atm, but MSN will dominate it once again !

2. What do you guys think of FireFox vs IE?

Hehe read my Vulnerability bulletin at concerning FireFox and you will realise that they are not so protected as it seems, so i stick with IE and cant understand all that hustle about FireFox.

Great, this is what i wanted :) Time to get busy ranting :twisted:

True Yahoo seems to focus less on why it is the web's more dominant site (because of its search engine). But this is no longer the case, Yahoo expanded and reached a kitchen sink syndrome where it became an E/N (everything/nothing) site. It still have the title of the web's number 1 website but this is only because it connects all of its assets into one domain.

This same tacktics is now employed by MSN and Google by interlinking their services on their main domain e.g. Gmail takes you to and hotmail taking you to - in fact Microsoft connects all of its user accounts and authorisations on which is why it is ranked the world's top 5 website.

We all know Microsoft is the world's biggest corporation and they have links to everything from operating systems to office software to online searching etc. However, as you can all see, Google on the other hand is following the Yahoo path, by aquiring smaller companies which it can milk to generate more cash. I no longer see Google as a search engine but more as an Internet Advertiser since this is what it cares about the most, and this is where Google is generating all their cash. If Google doesnt watch out, it will grow too big, buys too much and the bubble will burst.

Now about FireFox, I dont see what the big fuss is. Started with people hating Microsoft and its dominance, decided to pick up where Netscape left off. Eventually they managed to create a "standards compliant" browser. But to be honest, these groups who call themself standards compliant are the people who are anti TABLE lovers. I dont understand why people have to spend 1 week to try and outsmart themself and create tableless layouts and put an "I love FireFox" sticker on top. Granted the only advantage I see in FireFox is its Tabbed window which eases the organisation of site windows. Thats it.

I dont hate FireFox, I love competition and it makes MS work hard to stay on top - but I just hate the mentality of the people who seem to promote the message "If you have firefox, dont use tables on your site".

Another thing I dislike is the disillusioned lover who are now Anti-IE. I have one message for them, IE7 is coming out, and I know they will spread HATE before they even try it. And finally i'd like to leave you with one thing. Your beloved FireFox developer is now snapped up by Google. What will happen to your beloved FireFox when a G-Browser comes out? :D